SCI Pool of Trainers and Facilitators

Within SCI we have a dedicated Pool of Trainers and Facilitators, all of whom contribute to helping with the creation, management and implementation of educational projects such as seminars, training courses, events, projects in the framework of the EU and other institutional programmes, at the global, European, national and local level.

SCI Trainers and participants at the"Training for Campleader Trainers", the penultimate activity of SCI's international project 'Global Volunteer Action' (April, 2015)

The Pool is made up of 11 experienced trainers and facilitators. Each of these trainers were nominated by the International Executive Committee of SCI to build the capacity of SCI and raise its training quality.

There has been a growing demand within the movement to increase development in terms of shared knowledge, tools and methods in SCI in the field of non-formal education.

Some of the areas of expertise and skillset include: Youth exchanges; organizing seminars & trainings; socio-economical alternatives to capitalism; Social Theater; children with special needs; group dynamics and teamworking; conflict management; intercultural education; Intercultural communication; migration/refugees; Non-violence; Peace education and many other specific areas of knowledge.

All of the SCI Pool of Trainers are well versed in many different areas of peace conflict. Many of whom are experienced to organize seminars and workshops about sustainable living and whose ethos and beliefs stand for non- formal education as a way of promoting active citizenship and transforming our society.

Non-violence is promoted, practiced and lived among the Pool of Trainers, while some of the Pool of Trainers have direct experience working in war torn countries.

Volunteering, social transformation and peace work are an important stepping stone within a functional and diverse community. In believing that we can change society starting with ourselves and through sharing our experiences and opinions with others, is important for many people and communities for resolving community conflict and bringing peace. Our Pool of Trainers are uniquely experienced in these roles and to facilitate harmony and shared hearts and minds among groups and individuals who may otherwise not see an opportunity to recognize that which is in common with others and not see differences.


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