Building Bridges International Seminar

We are back with more Building Bridges updates for you!

The international Building Bridges seminar will start this weekend, taking place from from 11th to 17th June in Geneva, Switzerland. The seminar is organised by SCI's “Building Bridges” informal working group and is aimed at training volunteers that are active or interested in projects regarding asylum seekers or those seeking refuge.

The seminar will be composed of around 30 participants from 14 different European countries all active in this area. The seminar follows on from the the creation of the Building Bridges Toolkit by the which is packed with lots of tool, methods and case studies for volunteers working with asylum seekers and those seeking refuge.

Stay tuned for reports and photos from the seminar next week.

We wish the participants a fruitful week and look forward to sharing the developments of the Building Bridges Campaign with you.


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