Evaluation and Planning meeting in Berlin

As the previous year was coming to the end, SCI Germany hosted an inspiring meeting in the Kubitz seminar house in Berlin where they invited organizations that were involved in projects in Germany in the previous year. Two parallel meetings, with some joint sessions happened - one was SCI Germany with SAVA working group members (VCV,CID,CVS and PVN) and another one was with SCI Germany, Ukrainian( SVIT-Ukraine) and Russian (Youth Memorial Perm, AYA and Sodrujevstvo) organizations. 
  The importance of evaluation is something that is crucial for SCI and therefore we decided to emphasize that again and check what were some good and bad practices in the projects and workcamps, and as well how to develop strategy and attract more participants from Eastern Europe. 
 Coordinators from the projects made workshops and presentations of their projects from the previous year (Buchenwald, Urban Space, Sketch it, No Hate Speech towards refugees seminar and Friedland study camp). In the second part of the meeting sessions focused on project planning for the next year and cooperation between SCI Germany, SAVA and Russian and Ukrainian organizations. Importance of the exchange in the conflict areas was emphasized and there was an idea for SAVA organizations to share good practices of cooperation after the wars in the Balkans to the Russian and Ukrainian organizations, so they can implement it in the best way.
   During the first two days there were joint workshops on topics such as: climate justice, climate change, flying and peace, degrowth economy, gender and climate and experiencing nature in the local park. Workshops were held by camp coordinators Simon Jacob and Esther Wawerda from a Coburg workcamp in Germany (that covered most of these topics in the study part and that had practical work connected to the topics). 
  We had a chance to visit a Stasi prison site in Berlin, where we heard many stories about the difficult time in the divided Berlin and difficult conditions that people faced during their prison time.  And the evenings were reserved for some team building karaoke activities?. What is better than music to connect more and plan projects? 
   As a result of this planning both groups have some very interesting new projects and workcamps that are still cooking, but you will be informed about a recipe as soon as they are published in the OPS during later this year! So you can add a special ingredient to it - your participation!
Written by Ivana Kostadinovic (SAVA CT)


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