Welcome Nicolai!

Nicolai from Germany is the new Intern in the International Secretariat! We would like to welcome him to the team and give him the opportunity to present himself with a few words in this interview!


Tell us a few words about yourself.
25 years young. Oldest of four with three younger sisters (that explains a lot if you know me). Born in Germany in a wonderful city called Wuppertal. Really bad in understanding sarcasm and irony. I am volunteering with SCI a little bit longer than 2 years starting with coordinating a workcamp in a former concentration camp and joining international seminars for about a year. I am part of the Branching Out Project Team which is my first engagement in an international project of SCI.

Can you tell us what are you going to work on? 
I will do an internship in the field of Project Management for about four months. It will be part of my tasks to work on the planning of an upcoming project, specifically work on a running project (monitoring, evaluation, facilitating & logistics) and support the final stage of a closing project (P2P).

What do you hope to bring to the International Secretariat?
Expectations are always a sensible topic. I hope to bring some helpful expertise from my previous jobs and academic education in Management & Economics. I am highly motivated to dive into new projects, participate more deeply in the running project and try out new skills.

Why did you choose SCI?
That's an easy one: I have taken so much from my experiences volunteering with SCI and meeting activists from all over the world in international seminars. In some respect I want to give back to the movement supporting international activities, and on the other hand I want to learn more about the structure, projects and groups within SCI to improve my own possibilities being involved.

Do you have any expectations for your life in Antwerp that you would like to share with us?
Music, friends and (yes) beer. My most important drug in life is Music. I was happy to find out about a huge Jazz community in Antwerp and since its international status I am sure to find many different opportunities to enjoy live music. I am sure to make new friends as well and dive into Antwerp's community. My love for good beer will be fulfilled in Belgium; there's no doubt about that!


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