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Pierre Ceresole could not imagine that his passion for bringing people together in almost impossible circumstances would remain alive for so long. He probably also could not imagine that his ideas will inspire people to revive communities and peace in same way like he started back in 1920.

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In 2020 GAIA Kosovo will mark it’s 10th while SCI will mark it’s 100th anniversary. In this small country, most of the problems are interconnected and often they can indicate what is wrong with the world today. We do not know yet how this will be arranged, but we know for sure that we will reflect on our role in Kosovo society, which is still struggling with different aspects of social and environmental issues.  

For this occasion, we will also reflect on peace and social movements in Kosovo, and try to bring like-minded people together. We will look at the past, but at the same time keep an eye on the future and our vision of society, where it is not important if you are Albanian, Serbian, Roma, Turkish or any other nationality, but where good deeds, solidarity and understanding are main values.

In 2 years, we will probably not be able to achieve a lot towards this vision, but we will continue striving towards it. We will continue providing opportunities for people from ‘different’ sides to meet and to get to know each others and their stories. We will continue providing opportunities for those on the margin of society to learn through alternative and non-formal programs (such as our programs in Plemetina in the beginning and Imaginatorium, alternative center for Roma youth and children in Gracanica). We will be spreading permaculture approach in designing ideas and places (such as in Bozevce village and Mitrovica city). We will for sure remain present in Sharr Mountains, and continue bringing young people from Kosovo and the Balkans together, in order to prove that nature and mountains are more than snow and that they have power to reconnect people.

And of course, we will continue organizing workcamps with children and youth in Gracanica, in the Bear sanctuary, in Draganac Monastery, about permaculture, maybe for some festivals and in archaeological sites and so forth. We will continue to challenge people’s mindsets and lifestyles, and we hope that we will remain successful in proving that people can come together to work for a common cause, to support local communities and different initiatives and break down prejudices that are still dividing people, not only in Kosovo, but all around the world.

In 2020, we will be reflecting on our first 10 years, looking through 100 years of SCI, and keeping an eye on the future, which will look radically different than our present. There is still a lot to be done, thus all those who carry SCI’s spirit are invited to join us. Deeds, not words!

Article contributed by GAIA Kosovo


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