Update on Local activities: Branching out: (re)connecting ideas project

We are still #branchingout!

Some of the local activities within Branching out: (re)connecting ideas took place and we are at the moment receiving some quite inspiring stories, quotes and photos from these events.

In all corners of Europe diversity has been flourishing this summer: people in Hungary, Germany, Serbia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Italy and Catalonia were learning, sharing and creating a safe space for intercultural exchange within their local communities. Whether you are a local, an international volunteer or a newcomer – you could find your place and take part in different workshops, movie screenings, festivals and Human Libraries. It was all about bringing people together and connecting!

The projects’ focus is to enhance the connection between locals and minority groups, like refugees and asylum seekers, and we are happy to hear from SCI branches that things have been going well and that they have managed to create these events in cooperation with their local partners and volunteers.

We have 2 more weeks to go, since the last day to make these activities happen within the Branching out project is 30th of September. We expect to hear and read more from Spain, Germany, Hungary and Croatia.
Before we inform you about these events, read some stories and take a look at photos from the previous activities.


Zuckerfest in Munich

The festival was a big success in bringing together different sections of the community. Local Germans and refugees were able to meet and get to know each other. Non-Muslims were able to learn about the celebration of Eid at the end of Ramadan. There were also some games and activities for everyone to join in together and have another chance to interact.


Drawing murals with kids in Armavir region in Armenia

Marusya Ayvazyan, a volunteer involved in the project, says:
‘'Now I feel very happy that I have been able to do little work and make children happy and by the intercultural communication promote inclusiveness and tolerance in society. The camp gave me the opportunity to develop teamwork, communication, leadership, and drawing skills. We are very good team and that made our job much easier. We will continue our friendship and carry out many initiatives together’'.


A workcamp in Helsinki that focused on intercultural relations and community development

This year KVT Finland organized a workcamp that was partly supported by Branching out: (re)connecting ideas project. It included cooperations with 2 local organizations (Finland’s Somalia Network (FSN) and Badbaado ry) and the camp program took place in different districts of Helsinki. The participants got to learn about different means of promoting intercultural encounters and dialogue in city spaces, and learn about the specific history and contemporary situation of Somali community in Finland.

There were also other workshops and events: 3 carnival costume workshops and a carnival event during the Night of the Arts (Miitti), Somalian night as an evening program of a conference and Puhos Loves People - city festival


Cineforum for the World Refugee Day in Barcelona

A documentary “Los muros de agua” talks about the Mediterranean crisis and it was presented by the collective who created it, called FOTOMOVIMIENTO, which was developed during the 15-M Movement in Barcelona. The goal of this event and the documentary creation was to show the social reality through real images.

The documentary screening motivated the participants to talk about the refugee camps in the Greek islands of Lesvos and Chios, together with witnesses who explained the situation of migrants, volunteers, activists and big NGOs.
Find more about the event here.


Stay tuned for more updates from Branching out: (re)connecting ideas project. And while waiting for it - read more about our future plans and next steps.


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