Many exciting workcamps this summer in Kosovo!

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For ten years, GAIA Kosovo has organized workcamps celebrating peace and the encounter of cultures. This summer, we’re proposing to you 5 different workcamps that will happen in Kosovo!

  • Create and play in Imaginatorium (1 - 15 July)

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Since 2016, GAIA is managing “Imaginatorium”, a non-formal education centre in the Roma neighbourhood of the town of Gracanica. Volunteers co-manage the centre, prepare and propose activities to the children, meet the families on a regular basis. This workcamp is a chance to gain experience in non-formal education, to get ideas of activities for children and to discover the Roma culture. The children always welcome warmly new volunteers, who quickly become attached them, making the workcamp always a wonderful human adventure. Read Ismael’s story of last summer’s Imaginatorium camp.

  • Draganac Monastery (20 - 30 July)

Draganac Monastery Workcamps 2016.jpg

The Draganac Monastery is a centuries-old Christian Orthodox monastery located in Eastern Kosovo. Surrounded by hills and forests, the sanctuary is the living place of a small brotherhood of monks who welcome followers and visitors alike, who grow their own food, who try to provide all kind of help to the local communities. Following the Serbian tradition, the brotherhood celebrates its “Slava” (celebration of its patron saint) every 26th of July. A big reception is held, offering a meal and music representations to anyone who wants to come celebrate with them. Every year, GAIA organizes a workcamp to help the monks prepare for the open reception. This camp is a celebration of the meeting of cultures and faiths. It is a way to understand better the way of life of a monastic brotherhood, and spread a message of peace and tolerance, whatever might be your origins and your religion. Read Jeremy’s story of last summer’s Draganac camp.

  • Building with nature in mind (1 - 17 August)

Bozevce workcamp 2018.jpg

In the little village of Bozevce, near Kamenica, GAIA has been developing an estate based on the principles of permaculture. Our long-term volunteers try to produce food, build natural constructions and design the whole place in a durable and resilient way, so it can become an example of sustainable, resilient community and knowledge sharing estate. If you feel like participating in the development of the project, by assisting in our garden, by constructing wooden creations, by sharing meals with us under the trees, we invite you to join us this summer. This workcamp is a very good opportunity to learn about permaculture, to be inspire by ways to produce and construct in sustainable and smart ways. It is also a way to witness the way of life of the local populations, in very remote places, sustaining themselves with little exploitation. The workcamp is a place for a lot of cultures to meet every year, to learn together far from cities. To learn more about permaculture and our project, read Zile’s explanations, and have a look on our process to build the first rocket stove of Kosovo. You can also read Ismael’s story on becoming a long-term volunteer on this project, and watch a video from last year’s camp.

  • Bear Artwork (18 - 31 August)

The Bear Sanctuary Prishtina has been a refuge for threatened bears since 2013. Currently, it hosts 19 bears rescued from illegal captivity, and treats them properly to ensure their well-being. The volunteers of the workcamp will help creating artworks to decorate the place (murals, sculptures, handcrafts, etc.) that are intended for the visitors. The volunteers will also assist the keepers in their daily tasks, a very good way to learn more about nature conservation, animal welfare and wildlife. This workcamp is intended to let you express your creativity in a peaceful place, in connection with nature, while learning more about it, and especially the wildlife.

  • Paint the walls away (26 August - 9 September)

Mitrovica workcamp 2017.jpg

The city of Mitrovica is sadly famous for being a divided city, with a river separating an Albanian-majority south and a Serbian-majority north. There is no physical barrier, but the two populations do not interact much anymore. Still, Mitrovica is one city full of potential. Join us in this workcamp as we will spread a message of peace and tolerance through visual arts, performances and other various actions. It will be a good opportunity to learn about the particular city of Mitrovica, about how to work for peace on a local scale, and to meet different cultures sharing a same city. Since September 2018, GAIA develops a program attempting to connect the two parts of the city and make people meet and discuss. Read about our two recent storytelling events here and here.


*Written by GAIA Kosovo


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