Workshop on reusing and recycling by SCI Poland

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The humankind’s impact on the earth is a vital subject to discuss and act upon. Today, there are all sorts of products sold for our use, comfort and ease. Companies use different strategies to make people consume more. But do we really need all what we buy? Years ago, when a shoe was broken, people brought it to the shoemaker to be repaired whereas today it is easier to buy another pair.



Can we give a second purpose to used objects? We, volunteers in OWA Poland, wanted to research more about what we could do from objects that usually end in the trash. The more we read, the more ideas we found. From reducing, recycling to reusing and finally up cycling, it is unbelievable the amount of information we could gather.


So we decided to make a workshop. We collected some cans, papers, glass as well as plastic bottles and whatever we found in our kitchen which we could recycle or reuse. We invited some of our friends to join us. We all have different ideas of what to do and from something which was meant to end in the bin; we gave it a second chance and purpose.

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Text and pictures by SCI Poland


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