Volunteering on the WAFEst - be on the WAVE!



"The eighth Water-Air-Fire-Earth-Festival took place at the Gorky Reservoir in the Nizhny Novgorod region from 4 - 7 July 2019. This is the second year in a row the festival invites foreign volunteers. This year the team was composed of four girls from Taiwan, Germany and the Czech Republic, with a camp-leader from Russia. 

"We were happy making the magic atmosphere of the festival!”, says the camp-leader Polina. "We painted stationary objects in the camp, created lamps and mandalas, cleaned the area during and after the festival and also helped to separate the garbage so that it could be recycled."
During the period of the workcamp, the girls visited a real Russian banya, painted matryoshkas, drew Van Gogh with wool and patterns on the water, swam in the Volga river, played on bamboo, learned some words in Russian, admired the sunsets, felt the cold of the Russian summer and the warmth of Russian hospitality.

Marie, the volunteer from Czech Republic, said: "As a volunteer in Russia I spent two weeks far from home with almost no language knowledge and it was a great time full of fun, new friends and lots of cultural experiences from WAFEst. All this, together with the beautiful lakeside environment and unrepeatable sunsets, has created an amazing atmosphere that is not forgotten.”

We invite everyone to join the festival in the volunteering team of Passage Zebra next summer!


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