25 May, 2021


Challenging propaganda through remembrance

This is a project aimed at focusing on propaganda pre and post WW2 and the concept of ‘the enemy’, from National and ethnic groups to political opponents and social groups. The importance of understanding propaganda has always and will remain one of the most important aspects to both fighting fascism and reactionary policies that seek to distract from failures of good governance and perpetuate policies of discrimination and racism. If we understand the information that is being told to us we have a better chance at challenging or changing policies and laws that maintain a status quo of ‘us and them’. 

We live in a diverse society of many opinions, backgrounds and cultures, this is what makes a society stronger, safer and more equal rather than one of division and separation. This strategy only serves to control society through fear, coercion and violence which we at SCI Hellas actively oppose through our goals and actions as a peace organization. We believe that one of the strategies to tackle fascism and the far right is to understand how they speak, what methods they use to manipulate individuals’ fears and emotional responses to issues that may seem out of their control. 

This project will join groups and SCI branches across Europe to build a collective understanding and strategy of how to tackle propaganda and the far right that has exploded across the world in the last decade. With the increase in the reach of social media and new forms of media, the far-right has adapted its strategies to distribute its propaganda through these new media platforms and political parties. We hope that this project can bring better strategies in understanding the importance of historical propaganda and the similarities with current far right and fascist movements.

Partners in this project are from 9 different countries, and 11 different organizations starting with Service Civil International Österreich – (Austria). CVS-Bulgaria – (Bulgaria). Servizio Civile Internazionale Italia – (Italy). Centro Studi Sereno Regis – (Italy). Stowarzyszenie Jeden Swiat – (Poland). Servei Civil Internacional de Catalunya Asociacion – (Spain). Le Service Civil International – (France). Service Civil International – Deutscher Zweig E.V. – (Germany). Utilapu Nemzetkozi Epitotabor Halozat Egyesulet – (Hungary). DINAMOpress – (Italy). UNITED for Intercultural Action – (Hungary). Service Civil International Hellas – (Greece). 

Remembrance weeks will start with the first in Rome Italy from:

14th – 23rd June (Italy)
23rd June – 4th July (Poland)
25th July – 3rd August (Greece)
8th August – 17th August (Austria)
23rd September – 2nd October (Catalonia)

Our Remembrance week at SCI Hellas will focus on the topics of ‘fear’ and ‘normalization’, as the refugee and migrant crisis came following a decade of economic hardship post-crisis in Greece. This situation making the rise of Golden Dawn into the Greek Parliament and political mainstream all the more important in understanding and fighting fascist ideologies and the conditions within a society that create the space for them to exist and to thrive.

Jonathan Healy 

Project Coordinator  

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