SCI Pool of Trainers and Facilitators – call for new members

SCI is very active in the field of non-formal education, and Branches and SCI International organise numerous related events every year, such as seminars or training courses. To address existing needs in the non-formal education field, in 2013 the International Executive Committee established the SCI Pool of Trainers and Facilitators (TP). Due to the arising vacancies, the SCI Pool of Trainers and Facilitators is now in the position to invite new trainers to join the TP.
Deadline: 19 February 2018 
The purpose of the Pool is as follows:
1. Strengthen the capacity of SCI in non-formal education;
2. Maintain the expertise of SCI; 
3. Increase the level of coordination with regards to educational projects and events in SCI;
4. Support SCI in implementing its project strategy;
&6. Enable exchange of expertise between the TP members. 
TP is a self-coordinated body that can work effectively thanks to the initiative and self-responsibility of its members. You can read more about the Pool here. The Pool also runs its Facebook page. The new team can decide how to use these communication channels. 
The International Secretariat gives priority to TP members when it comes to developing training activities for SCI, and invites the trainers to run activities whenever a training activity is managed by the International Secretariat. The trainers receive a fee for running training courses for SCI-International Secretariat (the amount dependent of the project budget, not less than 100 euro/day gross). In addition, the trainers are listed on the SCI website and can be contacted individually by SCI Branches and Groups. There is some level of support foreseen from the International Executive Committee (IEC) to TP, especially in the first months of the new TP operation, but the main responsibility for organising itself and conducting activities and projects will stay on the trainers’ team. 
Who are we looking for?
1. An eligible candidate must be a trainer / educator / facilitator, and we are especially searching for specialists in the following topics: capacity building of teams and organisations, intercultural dialogue and peace education, social inclusion, environment, sustainability and climate justice, and volunteerism and participation.
2. There is no age or geographical limit but as TP is an internal SCI body, only trainers and facilitators from SCI member organisations are eligible to apply.  
3. Candidates should be highly motivated to actively contribute to the team’s activities and ready to take part in remote team work (including one physical meeting per year, Skype meetings every 2 months, and ongoing email communication). 
Important notice: 
The applicants should bear in mind that the number of training offers from the SCI-International Secretariat side is limited, and on average a TP member runs not more than 1 event in a year. The number can increase if the trainer is proactive and supports SCI in writing project proposals for new educational activities. TP members also work on a pro bono basis while developing and implementing the TP Plan of Action – commonly agreed priorities that correspond with the TP purposes. These can be: maintaining a calendar of educational activities in SCI, enlarging the SCI library of educational resources, advising the IS regarding the planned educational projects, liaison with the IEC/IS for specific actions, etc. These specific actions are always worked out by the TP members and depend on their expertise, interest, and availability. 
How to apply?
If you are interested in joining the TP please fill in the online application form before 19th February 2018. The selection will be made by the International Executive Committee in consultation with the current Pool of Trainers, and will be based on the quality of the applications of candidates, as well as matching the current needs of SCI and the TP. All candidates will be notified before the end of February 2018. 
If you have any question related to the work of TP or to the application procedure itself, please do not hesitate contacting the International Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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