PATH Final Event

We are happy to share with you the inspiring outcomes of the work of the dedicated PATH team! Watch the video, bringing you the interesting and touching stories of people who were on move during the Spanish Civil War, Balkan Wars and the newest migration wave in Europe, and see the exhibition, that was presented at the PATH Final Event in January in Sofia, Bulgaria! 

The PATH final event was organized by CVS Bulgaria in cooperation with many local stakeholders and turned into a dynamic 3 days long No More War Festival focusing on peace in its micro and macro dimensions. The intention was to discuss conflicts and forced migration, radicalization prevention, non-violence and peaceful protests with public and to look together beyond the traditional discourse. More than 70 visitors joined various discussions, workshops and screenings that took place during this festival, among others the premiere of SCI’s documentary PATH stories behind borders that was created during the PATH project. Additionally, the visitors could follow the steps of an art installation that traversed the parallel between the history of forced migration in various conflicts of our past and present. Read more in diaries from the final event.

You can also download the PATH exhibition here.

Besides, the PATH project team worked on evaluation of the project and proposed a follow up project: SPARKS of history – focusing on the remembrance of the following topics: aftermath of the WWI and failure to create European cooperation in combination with peaceful protests in 1968. Keep fingers crossed for the SPARKS of history to be supported.


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