Project Management Seminar

SCI Members and Activists Meet in Greece to Make Their Projects Thrive

A diverse group of 24 participants from 18 branches and groups of SCI worldwide met during International seminar on Project Management that was held on 10th- 17th March 2018 in Kryoneri, Greece. This is the third and last seminar organized within the Peers to Peace, a capacity building project in SCI. Throughout the whole project, we have tackled topics of volunteer management, knowledge, project management and fundraising,  strengthening the SCI community by peer learning and mutual peer support.

“What I am definitely taking out from this seminar is the cycle through which a project goes and together with my group we have already started using it and putting its features in practice. There are also a lot of useful ideas which I gathered from the others and which I hope to be able to implement back home.” commented a participant after the seminar. 
During this seminar, facilitators provided space for interaction, exchange of ideas, discussions and group challenges. Martha Oddy, SCI’s fundraising professional joined the group online and helped participants improve their fundraising pitches in future. “Fundraising topic was really useful for me and it permit me to realize that there are not only public grants, and that I could also ask to some companies, trusts or foundations.” Commented Olivier Marinos from SCI France.

In the end of the seminar, we were happy to hear some future plans of participants who are motivated to work together to organize follow up projects together such as woman radio in India and Poland or Global Peace Run. "Peace run is an amazing way to connect individuals from SCI branches while empowering them to be part, both locally and globally” told us Nicolai Rosier from SCI Germany. We wish them all success in the future. 
The seminar was organized by SCI International, locally supported by SCI Hellas and financed by Erasmus+.  


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