4 August, 2021

From dreams to actions: call for participants

Become a changemaker for a more peaceful world!

With the approaching “From Dreams to Actions” Online Training Course, we are ready to share our expertise with you, and support you in becoming a changemaker for a more peaceful world!

The course will take place on selected weekends and evenings between 15th September and 3rd October 2021.

At the training course, you will join:

1. Online workshops dedicated to expanding knowledge on peace and its different levels;

2. Parallel sessions (upon your choice) related to different ways of working for peace, including among others:

    • street actions and campaigning,
    • advocacy and lobbying for political change,
    • peace education,
    • communication campaigns in social media,
    • daily peace activism;

3. Common online peace action during the International Day of Peace (21 September);

4. Preparation of the local follow-up actions.


We will review your application on a rolling basis, within 3-5 days.

All those accepted will receive more info about the agenda of the project, including a session guide.

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Educational Walking Tours in practice – a training course in Novi Sad

Educational Walking Tours in practice – a training course in Novi Sad

International participants took part in a RutAlternativa Training Course, organised between 4-11 October in Novi Sad. Its aim was to explain the methodology of educational walking tours and to provide those who took part in it with knowledge and tools neccessary to teach others in their communities.

Decolonise volunteering – dream or reality?

Decolonise volunteering – dream or reality?

On the 7th of September SCI Catalunya, with the collaboration of SCI International Secretariat, VWAN Nigeria, ZWA Zimbabwe, SCI Italy, SAVWA South Africa, KVT Finland and AJOV Mozambique, as part of Grassroots change: volunteering, leadership and emancipation through hands-on work and mentoring organised a webinar on the topic: Decolonise volunteering - dream or reality?  It connected global...

Virtual Human Library in Malaysia

Virtual Human Library in Malaysia

In conjunction with International Day of Peace that takes place on 21st September annually, this year SCI Malaysia has organized a virtual Human Library with the aim of promoting conversations on volunteerism to better our understanding of diversity to help create more inclusive communities across cultural, religious, social, ethnic differences. The topics for this Human Library is Volunteering for Peace.

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