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Take part in our research on Gendered Realities in SCI activities

Have you participated in an SCI workcamp or international training? Help us find out how safe and inclusive SCI activities are when it comes to gender and sexuality.

Does gender or sexuality affect people’s experiences at SCI activities?
Are there situations or procedures that make people feel discriminated based on their gender?
Do people feel confident in recognising and addressing gender-based discrimination during SCI activities?

Give 15 minutes of your time to share your SCI experience in our assessment tool.

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The assessment tool is open till September 2019.

This initiative is part of the project 'Gendered Realities', a year-long project within SCI aiming to contribute to a better understanding of the 'gendered realities' of our work and activities, and to take practical measures to improve them. The project was financially supported by the European Youth Foundation's Work Plan 2019.

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"It doesn't matter where you are, just be there. Do you want to help an organisation or a community far away, and you cannot travel at the moment to be on the field? Grab your computer and be active online. You can write a petition, donate, crowdfund, communicate, promote a cause on social media... buzz the words, raise awareness and activate others as well. Do you have a skill or see something that you wanna share? Make a video or a podcast, create infographics, tutorials, report on an issue with your photographs, write a blog, post and tweet about it! People will appreciate and value it a lot."

- Online volunteer, Balazs Kajor