9 September, 2020

Join the reading club : “Words about deeds”

Four sessions of online discussions

2020 is the year that we commemorate the 100 anniversary of SCI by the whole IVS movement. Not only to look back but also to learn from the past and look forward. In 1920 a first peace initiative was set up by the founder of SCI. Pierre Ceresole, which we now consider as the beginning of the workcamp and international voluntary service model.

Unfortunately, the majority of the planned activities couldn’t take place this year, but still many people have engaged and made it possible to carry out several on- and offline activities. One major project was the publication of the book “Words about Deeds”. Put together by a group of volunteers who dived into the SCI Archives to research the history of SCI. They also contacted a whole group of resource people to compile articles about the way workcamps and workcamp organizations have been developing over the last 100 years. This book is a real resource for the workcamp movement.

To create a common space to reflect on the history of the workcamp movement CCIVS is launching the “Words about Deeds” reading club. During 4 online sessions, we will explore the developments of workcamps and workcamp organizations in different regions such as Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia. Before each session, a relevant article from the book is shared in pdf format. Each session is moderated by an experienced facilitator and an expert on the subject. The participants will share their reflections and with the help of the expert, more insight into the topic is gained.

Do you want to be part of the first CCIVS reading club? Sign up now and reserve the dates of the 4 sessions: Sundays September 20th, September 27th, October 4th, and October 11th at 12 noon Paris time.

Of course, you can buy the book, but we will also send you by e-mail the articles that we will discuss.

This initiative is possible thanks to the contribution of several volunteers: Heinz Gabathuler from the SCI archives, Marilou from the SCI 2020 team, Gianni Orsini (former CCVIS president), and Nigel Watt (former CCIVS director).

Don’t miss this opportunity and reserve your spot!

The provisional program

All sessions will be from 12 – 13.30 Paris time

DateThemeArticles numbers
20th of Sept 2020The beginning of IVS101-104-105
27th of Sept 2020Africa211-212-308
4th of Oct 2020Europe (East-West)303-401-402
11th of Oct 2020Asia109-205-206-210


Gianni, Nigel, Ingrid, Heinz, Marilou

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In the wake of Novel Corona Pandemic

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SCI anniversary bike ride: why not jump on you bike and join us?

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First Virtual AGM of SCI KL, Malaysia

First Virtual AGM of SCI KL, Malaysia

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