100 years celebration!


2020 marks Service Civil International’s 100th anniversary. To celebrate, SCI is organizing workshops, activities, and much more. We are taking a moment as a movement to look back on all the work we’ve already done, and look forward to everything we will do.

Get involved, join 100 Actions for Peace, learn about SCI history, read the book Word about Deeds and more through the 2020 website dedicated to the centenary of SCI!

100 Actions for Peace

And that’s exactly what we aim to do through 2020. Celebrating for us means spreading the peace message through actions that will be open for everyone and supporting peace in multiple ways. There are lots of actions under our main project 100 Actions For Peace, addressing and raising awareness on racism, inequality, non-violence, civic engagement and many other topics. If you are interested in joining an Action for Peace, don’t hesitate and take a look at the website!

2020 publication

Words about Deeds is the result of the work of an international team of volunteers – SCI style! Different articles present important steps and milestones, interesting and exemplary projects and workcamps as well as original sources and portraits of activists from the first 100 years of SCI.

2020 stories

Volunteers and activitsts share their workcamp and long-term volunteering stories with us, showing a glimps of SCI’s recent history in a personal way.