No War Anywhere!

Engaging youth in antimilitarist education

January - December 2023

The background

2022 has seen the escalation of war in Europe and around the world. SCI Austria and GAIA Kosovo organized the project “Not Your Soldier” in order to strengthen antimilitarist education within SCI and to bring together young people affected by military conscription.

SCI, a historic peace organization, needs to take a stand against war and militarism and its effects around the world. SCI has to form alliances with other peace networks (such as War Resisters International and International Fellowship of Reconciliation). The question of how to communicate on these issues, in a coherent and efficient way, as a global and diverse movement, led to writing No War Anywhere!.

This project brought together young people from different European realities to exchange on the topic and to get active. It addressed urgent and important questions (such as antimilitarist utopias, nuclear disarmament, military-industrial complex, etc.), and offered young people the space and tools to stand up for peace.

Forging Ubuntu logo, in black and dark green, along with the subheading : The power of degendering volunteering for climate justice in Africa

The objectives


Explore alternatives to militarism and map possibilities for antimilitarist futures with young people


Create spaces for discussion and exchange, and organise grassroots peace campaigns

Inform a wide network of young people about the importance of Peace through a large, connected, international campaign for International Peace Day 2023

Create an open and accessible tool for communication, advocacy, and campaigning, and harmonise a communication strategy within SCI


Define a clear action plan to strengthen antimilitarist education in SCI and improve cooperation with antimilitarist networks

The activities

The project included 2 in-person activities, 1 virtual one, grassroots communication campaigns and the development of an online course.

Seminar "Utopias Against War"

16-22 April 2023 in Rome

The first seminar was held in Rome, Italy, welcomed 22 participants and focused on learning and brainstorming about antimilitarist futures, what actions can be taken locally, what can the networks involved contribute to. Read here Noella’s and Jac’s testimonies.

Training “Strategies Against War”

25 June – 2 July 2023 in Vienna

The second in-person activity was an advocacy and communication training, hosted by SCI Austria, in Vienna for 24 young people. It allowed participants to know more about advocacy around this particular topic and to initiate their peace campaigns, on very diverse topics. Subscribe to NWA! newsletter to be informed regularly on the campaigns’ progresses.

Communication campaigns

July-September 2023 in different countries

During the summer, participants developed communication campaigns. The aim was to advocate for change and to bring visibility to antimilitarism and its effects and consequences.

Virtual exchange

September 2023 online

A virtual exchange took place, involving all those interested in No More War. It allowed everyone to grasp the project’s current status, broaden the conversation, incorporate diverse perspectives, and initiate the development of a unified antimilitarist communication strategy. We aimed to build a sense of connection among individuals devoted to antimilitarism internally, while externally, to unite people in the pursuit of antimilitarism.

Online advocacy and communication course

End of 2023 online

One of the final outcomes of No War Anywhere! was the online course on advocacy and communication on The content was created by both the team and the participants in all of the activities.


To receive more information about the project, about antimilitarism in and outside of SCI, you can subscribe to NWA!, the SCI Antimilitarist newsletter. Find our issues 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5.

Call for an illustrator/graphic designer

Call for an illustrator/graphic designer

SCI is developing an online course to support young activists to communicate and advocate for peace. We are looking for a creative eye to support us on the visual side of this online course. Deadline to apply is 26th of May

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Strategies Against War: Call for participants

Strategies Against War: Call for participants

Join SCI’s antimilitarism project, near Vienna, Austria, on 25 June – 2 July 2023! We are looking for motivated young people, passionate about peace, antimilitarism and advocacy. Bring your idea for a campaign or project linked to antimilitarism and develop it with the support of the group! Deadline to apply is 7 May.

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International Secretariat, based in Belgium

The IS overviews the No War Anywhere! project, manages logistics and communications and  supports the creation of the online course.

SCI Austria


SCI Austria hosted the communication and advocacy training, that happened in July in Vienna, Austria.

SCI Italy


SCI Italy hosted the Utopians Against War Seminar, that happened in April in Rome, Italy.

PVN Albania


YEU Cyprus

Youth for Exchange and Understanding, Cyprus

Change Multipliers


Movimente Nonviolento

member of War Resisters' International, Italy


The No War Anywhere! project is co-funded and made possible by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation and the European Commission’s CERV Programme.

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