5 October, 2020

The Gaia Microgrants report

Word on the projects that supported climate justice

The Gaia Microgrants team have worked on 6 phases of the microgrants, that’s 6 years!  You can see the report for phase 6 here and for the previous years here.  Eight projects were supported during phase 6 from May 2019 to February 2020 in Germany, Slovenia, Albania x 2, Kosovo, Sri Lanka, South Africa x 2.

The team has facilitated a similar number of projects every year and made things happen to support climate justice. They are a model International Team and have shown what can be achieved with a bit of enthusiasm, determination, and organisation. And we can not forget to thank Terra 21 and Ivo Knoepfel for the continued support of donations over the past 6 years.

The Gaia team consisted of the facilitator, Marta Sykut, and the selection team: Albina Fatkhutdinova, Amelie Jaquet, and Silva Huda. Marta stepped down this year as a facilitator and we thank her for all of the time and effort that she put into this. As this year has been dominated by the pandemic, the re-organising of the Gaia Microgrants, has been put on hold. But we look forward to seeing the Gaia Team back in action soon.

Thank you Marta for all your work and dedication, and good luck with the next steps in your life!

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