My year as an EVS Volunteer in Switzerland

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Long term volunteering

Written by Clavdija Jurak

March 2018

Working in the SCI office was so much more than what I expected, I learned much more than I had thought.

The work was very diverse and I was able to help for very diverse activities, such as organizing events and carrying them out. I did presentations, although I was terrified of it in the beginning. Now it is not so bad anymore.

I had the opportunity to attend seminars and trainings. I especially liked that because it combined everything I love doing – traveling, learning something practical, meeting new people and having fun, and most importantly, I’ve always learned a lot about myself. I’m grateful for every event I had the opportunity to be part of.

Together with the whole team from the office we worked a lot. But the work was very exciting and I now understand exactly how an NGO works. On the other hand, I also had a lot of free time. In my spare time I travelled – I tried to visit as many places in Switzerland as possible. I travelled with my friends, who also came to Switzerland to do an EVS year. We spent many weekends together and experienced many beautiful things. As a result, very strong friendships have emerged. I also found friends in Bern and had a good social life. My EVS year was full of experiences, adventures, new friendships and was one of the best years of my life. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone!

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