Experience of a volunteer at 'Holiday for kids' SCI workcamp.

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Written by Brelyantika Indra Jesa (Indonesia) & Hewad Alikhil (Afghanistan)

February 2023

For more than 30 years the SCI Germany (Moers) has been active in many areas to support the youth in Moers.


Last summer SCI Germany (Moers) offered a program designed for children aged 6-10, who were not going on vacation during their summer holidays. For several days, 6 to 10-year-old children came together in groups of up to 35 children and could enjoy an attractive range of games, sports, and leisure activities.

Second day started with a meeting with the project partner where we talked about SCI Germany (Moers) and the aims and history of their work. We prepared the room nicely and it was a very welcoming atmosphere from the project partner. Everyone felt very comfortable. We did a small introduction round with the PP and participants talked about what they expect from this camp.

After that we went to the lake, cooked pizza, and played some games. 

The amount of fun that we had during that day was unbelievable. I never laughed so much during any of the camps I had participated in. Participants laughed until they could not anymore. I believe that evening changed the whole group and it made the group very close and the group remained close until the last minute and still to this day we are in contact and do group calls always.

Work in the school started from around 9h00 am and would finish by 15h00 pm, volunteers would support social workers in schools where they were serving as volunteers. Working conditions inside the school were very good. The place was clean, and offered children the opportunity to have a safe environment.

In our free time, we played many games and also a few games of our own countries. We went to two lakes, played volleyball, went to Köln, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Moers center. We visited two museums and also played Laser Tag.“

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