Intercultural dialogue

Grassroots Change: Job shadowing


Written by Stella-Filda Nyamande from Zimbabue

August 2022

I attended a work camp between 12 August and 22 August on ensuring sustainable water supplies, together with 8 volunteers from different countries. I was coordinating the camp with Kikka from Finland.

The group dynamic was great, it was so easy to get along and share each other’s experiences. Being in such a diverse group gave me a lot of insight into different cultures.

Our work was mainly at the local water facility, and our duties included clearing and cutting down trees, repairing and putting in a new fence, chopping up firewood, berry and mushroom picking, to mention just a few.

The locals were very welcoming and it was a wonderful gesture having to interact together and getting to know their way of living and the importance of the work we were taking part in. This gave me a sense of belonging and a feeling that our services was being appreciated.

The host of the work camp was am amazing person, salute to you Mattie. He took us everywhere and took us in as family. The highlight of the camp for me was the food, experiencing the Finnish sauna, the free time activities, the long days and the games especially the couch game, courtesy of Luka. I am so glad i got to participate in such a project.

My expectations for the camp were getting experience as a leader and getting to know new people, but I ended up getting more, new friends, new skills and a more flexible view of life and cultures.

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