My inner healing is simultaneously contributing to healing of the world

United Kingdom


United Kingdom


Long term volunteering

Written by Ellie from United Kingdom

December 2019

When asked to reflect on her time here, Ellie said: “One of the simplest, yet power tools I have had the amazing fortune of learning during my time as an EVS volunteer in Sennrüti, is the Hawaiian forgiveness ritual: Ho’oponopono. It centers on the belief that everything is connected and offers a self-love approach to dealing with any challenges I face. It has empowered me to take responsibility of my feelings and not feel responsible for the feelings of others.

This had a transformational effect on relationships with family members, with whom I’d not been able to connect for many years. It is also an extremely helpful mindset for everyday situations and helps me stay grounded (when I remember to keep my heart open and apply it!). In general, I’m much more capable of observing the feelings of others without being swept along by them now. This feels extremely freeing and both loving towards myself and those around me at the same time.

I couldn’t think of a greater gift than to have discovered the deep sense of peace I can feel by connecting with my-self in this way. The thought that my inner healing is simultaneously contributing to healing of the world fills me with joy and gratitude. Thank you so much for opening this door to me Sennruti and Rene D.!”

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