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Written by Varshini from Malaysia

December 2020

Climate Justice is a virtual workcamp organized by SCI Switzerland and Wikimedia Switzerland which is part of a movement that wants to strengthen peace on Wikipedia by producing better content on social movements, justice, and peace in general.  At first, it was an opportunity I took just to meet people from across the globe while staying on a budget and from the comforts of my own home. However, what I got from the camp was much more than just that.

The camp was a one-week experience and we had 16 participants from 9 countries which included Russia, Belarus, Malaysia, Nigeria, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Armenia, and Germany, and 3 different continents. The camp was from the 9th of November 2020 to the 15th of November 2020. It was hosted by Mr. Thomas S. who is an experienced Wikipedia editor who has hosted many camps such as this to teach young activists how to become Wikipedia editors.

The aim of the camp was to learn about Climate Justice and create Wikipedia articles on climate activists, climate organizations, and terms related to climate change so that it is more visible on the internet. We had many interesting discussions throughout the camp on climate justice from a global perspective while getting to know one another through the fun activities, games, and breakout sessions. These discussions were not always easy as it forced us to look past our privileges and talk about classism in climate movements or how the current pandemic has influenced the climate crisis.

At the end of the camp, 16 of us had written a total of more than 40 articles in Armenia, Malay, English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, and German. We are all more aware of climate justice and taking action as climate activists. We have also continued to write more Wikipedia articles on Peace ever since. It was a virtual workcamp that left a lasting impact on me.


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