Climate for Peace Camps 2017

climate4peace camps

One of the most important activities of the "Climate for Peace" programme are workcamps, which contribute to developing climate awareness and solutions.
Organizers and volunteers at "Climate for Peace" workcamps are encouraged to:
  • use resources wisely (e.g. be mindful of water and electricity consumption, borrow equipment rather than buy new things if possible, compost food rests and avoid producing trash),
  • touch on topics of climate justice and sustainable living in the study part of the workcamp (e.g. by explaining the science behind climate change, or by looking at how the main issue of the workcamp is impacted by climate change),
  • connect the work to issues of climate justice and sustainable living (it can be linked directly, e.g. through growing organic food, or indirectly, e.g. by adding an element of tree planting to the workcamp programme).
You can find the list of "Climate for Peace" workcamps in the web page (most up to date list, just tag "Climate for Peace Campaign" box in the "Topics" section in the workcamp search engine), or check out the list below.



Environmental resistances, keeping alive ancient cultural and traditional mountain values in Val Codera (28/7/17 - 06/08/17)


Mangrove for Java (02/8 - 15/8/2107)



Minifarming and permaculture (07/8- 13/08/2017)


Permaculture forest garden (12/7 - 21/7/16)


Permaculture and sustainability in Sant Feliu de Pallerols  (21/08 - 08/09/2017)


Workcamp in Ecuador in September (10/09 - 30/09/2017)