The Natural Disaster Fund

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A source of funding for SCI branches, groups or working groups to carry out relief work after a natural disaster.

Following the organized, as well as spontaneous activities and projects of different SCI branches, group members and working group as an answer to natural disasters and their consequences all over the world over the last few years, SCI International has decided to set up a natural disaster fund team that would offer administration and financial support to future projects of that kind. The team and new activities are based on Recommendation voted in at the International Committee Meeting of SCI, back in 2014 in Serbia.

The natural disaster fund provides funding up to €500 per application or more, by applying the fair fundraising criteria to enable volunteers to do relief work after a natural disaster.

The three key objectives of the Natural Disaster Fund (NDF) are:

General objective: promote peace, volunteering, understanding, cooperation and solidarity between the local and international community ad those directly or indirectly affected by natural disasters through organising natural disaster relief activities, short- and long-term projects, knowledge sharing and financial support to the affected communities.

Light procedures: NDF prioritizes emergency and long-term response actions by volunteers over administrative procedures. Application and reporting requirements are first and foremost considered for the sake of supporting the planning/evaluation of the initiatives.

Focus on SCI principles: similarly to all the activities carried on by SCI, the activities supported by NDF will have to be in line with SCI Mission and guided by SCI core values: Volunteering, Non-violence, respect for Human Rights, Diversity, International Solidarity, Respect for the Environment, Inclusion, Empowerment and Cooperation.

Who is the fund for?

Any SCI branch, group member or an official working group of SCI can apply for a financial support at NDF.

Application process

NDF applications will be based on a simple application process. The objective of the application form is to provide information which enables to assess whether the selection criteria are fulfilled. The application process also intends to help the organisers address some of the key elements to be considered for a successful initiative in their planning.

Applications to the NDF are accepted on a rolling-basis. The initiatives funded must be completed within 6 months after their approval.

You can find out more about the application and selection process as well as the full rules, procedures and application form in the SCI Funds section of SCI's Members Area.

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