About Branching out: (re)connecting ideas

Branching out: (re)connecting ideas
Many of the project that SCI works on are organised with the intention to bring effective social change. ‘’Branching out: (re)connecting ideas’’ is a project supported by European Youth Foundation that focuses on collecting and sharing best practices when it comes to working with refugees and asylum seekers. The project is part of Building Bridges campaign.
The project has three main activities:
  • Community forum: unique platform where SCI branches, other organizations and volunteer groups will come together, exchange experience and become inspired for their future work
  • Local activities: connect the local communities and target groups, while promoting peace through cooperation, using volunteer work as a medium, each done according to the local context.
  • Strategic planning workshop: a place where SCI branches and other organizations will be able to discuss future strategies on working with young refugees/migrants and evaluate their past actions.
Aims of the project are:
  1. Create learning opportunities for young people and volunteer-based organisations to increase their capacities to act as change makers 
  2. Systematically engage the target groups into volunteer-based activities in Europe 
  3. Give young people and organisations a voice in formulating their vision for SCI’s work in this area by coshaping the SCI’s Strategic plan 2019-22 and beyond.

We invite you to organize local activities with our support.

What do we support?
Initiatives bringing your local/international community in contact with refugees and asylum seekers, using volunteering and intercultural dialogue as a tool for empowerment.
Activity can be 1-day, 2-3 days or 7+ days long. Funding available differs according to the length of the project.

Who can ask for funding?
SCI branches/groups from the countries that are members of the Council of Europe working with local community/local partner.
Branches/groups working with refugees, asylum seekers or facilitating dialogue in your community/bringing people together.

Activity must be implemented from 12th of June - 30th of September 2018.

Ensuring (co-)funding for your local action, depending on the length of the project (500-1500 Euros).
Gaining more visibility for your activities on international level.

The applications are open as long as the funding is available. At the moment we can still fund a few activities. You can propose your activity here.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.