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The Community Forum is a platform where participants exchange experiences, become inspired and increase their capacities for future work towards creating inclusive societies, facilitating intercultural dialogue and promoting volunteering as a tool for inclusion. The SCI branches will have the opportunity to invite local organization(s) they are interested in working with including any results from the 2017 Work Plan and inspire their future actions.

Follow this link to find out report.

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STUDY VISIT 8th June, Antwerp: CURANT - co-housing and case management for unnacompanied young adult refugees in Antwerp

During the Community forum, on 8th June, we will have a chance to visit a co-housing project of CURANT, an Antwerp-based initiative that focuses on integration of young refugees in Antwerp society.

"With this initiative, we want to ensure that young fugitives have the opportunity to rebuild their lives in Antwerp. Our first priority is the integration of these youngsters who, like all youngsters,  deserve that extra helping hand. Curant combines human compassion and social responsibility. We hope Antwerp can be a leading example for other cities."




Local activities will provide the pilot space to practice and experiment with some of the tools showcased during the community forum. The activities will be organised in a partnership with refugee groups/organisations, aiming to promote volunteering as a tool for inclusion and to facilitate intercultural dialogue in practice. Results: Organisations reflected about and experimented with (new) possibilities on how to systematically engage the target groups into volunteering opportunities.

In this Timeline we compiled an overview about all activities that happened all over Europe with additional infos, links and pictures. 

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In all corners of Europe diversity has been flourishing this summer: people in Hungary, Germany, Serbia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Italy and Catalonia were learning, sharing and creating a safe space for intercultural exchange within their local communities. Whether you are a local, an international volunteer or a newcomer – you could find your place and take part in different workshops, movie screenings, festivals and Human Libraries. It was all about bringing people together and connecting!

The projects’ focus is to enhance the connection between locals and minority groups, like refugees and asylum seekers, and we are happy to hear from SCI branches that things have been going well and that they have managed to create these events in cooperation with their local partners and volunteers.

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SCI Branch: SCI Germany (Munich)  Munich                

Iftar-Cooking Event: Bringing together different groups of the community through sharing food, activities and loads of different games for children.



SCI Branch: CVS Bulgaria, Sofia                     

Meeting in the Park: Park community event dedicated to the World Refugee Day (Facebook Event: here).

Radio Promotion on Bulgarian National Radio (BG audio) with Katerina Stoyanova (CVS Bulgaria) and Margarita Spasova (Caritas Sofia) (Recording: here) and News Report by bTV, with Katerina Stoyanova (CVS Bulgaria) in the interview (Upload of Stream: here).

Luckily CVS Bulgaria and UNHCR Bulgaria created an impressive video about the event.



CVS Bulgaria, Sofia       

Human Library: Vibrant Stories. Breaking stereotypes focusing on the positive side of migration - a palette of knowledge, skills and attitude, which bring colourful bridges between different cultures and give our own culture a vibrant diversity and colouring. (Facebook Event: here).

Radio Promotion with Katerina Stoyanova (CVS Bulgaria) on Bulgarian National Radio (BG audio) (Recording: here).

Visitor of the Human Library: "Thank you for organizing this event! The format of Human Library is very interesting and made me change my perspective on the migration topic. Having the chance to meet real people, "reading" their real stories, made me look on the humanitarian side of the topic. I can't wait to meet my friends and share with them this experience!



SCI branch: SCI CAT Barcelona, La Raval         

Documentary Screening: Screening of the documentary "Los Muros de agua" which shows a critical view from the field on Greek islands Lesvos and Chios with testimonies that explain the situation of migrants, volunteers, activists and large NGOs. Discussion with the director, refugees and the audience. (Facebook Event: here



SCI branch: Útilapu Hálózat Budapest            

Community Fest: Human Library: Listening to stories of refugees - asking questions and getting to know your neighbor. An exhibition with drawings of minor refugees from all around the world by Colours of a Journey Activities with children and international games. Bohemian Betyars (Accoustic Concert). (Facebook Event: here


22 - 23/06/2018

SCI Branch: SCI Italy, Rome, La Città dell'Utopia

No Border Fest: Creating dialogue and strengthen the network to enhance social inclusion. Discussions, Music and activities dedicated to the topic of migration. (Facebook Event: here)


23 - 24/06/2018

SCI branch: CVS Bulgaria

Sofia, Museum of History of Sofia

Solidarity Fest: Creating dialogue among individuals, different groups and generations. Performances, Workshops, Documentary Screening (Facebook Event: here). 

Radio Promotion with Katerina Stoyanova (CVS Bulgaria) and Margarita Spasova (Caritas Sofia) on Bulgarian National Radio (BG audio) (Recording: here). Report of the Solidarity Fest by TV Europe (Youtube Video: here). 

We met a few mothers who visited the Solidarity Fest and thanked us that we are giving them an example for their kids by showing them what solidarity is and how people can live and collaborate together, no matter that they come from different cultures and backgrounds.” - Shirin Hodzheva, Bulgaria



SCI branch: VCV Serbia

Community Lunch "New Taste of a Shared Life": With an exhibition "Roads" and artwork from an Afghan refugee, Panel discussion "Situation for Refugees in Serbia" with representatives from different organizations. Cooking workshop with Afghan Refugees, Community Lunch with different organizations and groups. (Facebook Event: here

Perfect Saturday afternoon, spent with great people from different countries, united to try some new kind of food, prepared by refugees from Afghanistan. I really enjoyed the combination of sun, food, and positive vibrations all around the place.” – Nina Kemera, visitor of the Community Lunch. 

01 - 09/07/2018

SCI branch: VCV Serbia

Solidarity with refugees: Workcamp about community gardening and cooking event with refugees and locals. Participants also contributed with workshops in various activities of VCV's partners. Read more about it on our website and in the blog Balkan Steps.



SCI branch: SCI Germany (Leipzig)

Leipzig, Querbeet Public Garden              

Summerfest: Summerfest with talks, discussion and cooking. (Facebook Event: here)

Visitor: “I haven’t been in company with so many nice people in a garden for a long time - this place is something very special.”


20 - 22/07/2018

SCI branch: SCI Germany (Munich)

Summerfest: Summerfest with music, cooking and various activities for the community. 


01 - 09/08/2018

SCI branch: ArmActive Youth Center

Kinder Color Workcamp: Engaging youth for volunteering activities, intercultural exchange workshop, creative work (painting) in kindergarten. (Live impressions on Facebook)


12 - 26/08/2018

SCI branch: KVT Finland

Intercultural Relations and Active City Communities: This unique Workcamp opportunity brought together international volunteers with refugees and partners of KVT Finland. The group supported an international Carnival-Art-Event, supported an event of the Finish Somali community in Helsinki, and an intercultural festival of Puhos loves People. (Workcamp Description: here)

Luckily the Festival Crew created a video.

I Never thought Finland could teach me so much. It’s funny how such an advanced country still has so much to learn, and how we have so much to learn with them. The camp gave the chance to see people and hear stories so different from mine, and for that I will be forever grateful.” - Marta Sofia Barbosa de Carvalho, Volunteer from Portugal.

Our Workcamp was a place where we all became one group of Buddies in Helsinki, a group of really close friends, no matter of such a little time together, our different views or diverse backgrounds. I am sure Workcamps are the ideal places where you can change your previous understanding of the world and fully understand it's beauty and diversity.” - Ekaterina Shevehenko, Volunteer from Russia.


15/ – 16/09/2018

SCI branch: Útilapu Hálózat

Kite Festival: Celebrating diversity and solidarity making and flying Afghan Kites in Zebegény, Hungary (Facebook Event: here)



SCI branch: VCZ Zagreb

Taste, Sound and Images of Peace! Celebration of the International Day of Peace in Zagreb including an exhibition of Colours of a Journey.

Peace between people is knowing that, no matter what, we will take care of each other. With love, empathy, and selflessness.” - Anonymous, Visitor 


23 - 29 September

SCI branch: Útilapu Hálózat

Bokréta Street Fest: Printing workshops, jam sessions, city mapping games organized by MiraDoor in Budapest, Hungary (Facebook Event: here). 

Check out this Introductory Video from MiraDoor explaining what they offer for the community!



SCI branch: SCI Madrid

City Tour with Refugee Families

Article in El País (Spanish)

"I want that the participants feel themselves integrated in the city and that they see that Madrid has an Islamic past that is being rescued now, and that they know about it in order to decrease the harshness of the city. In that way they happen to know that Madrid was Islamic and that it still is in some way and that it is good for us to keep that present." - Juan Cortés, Guide and Historian.



SCI branch: SCI Germany (Munich) Munich                  

Human Library on the topics of refugees, ethnic minorities and LGBTQI.



SCI branch: KVT Finland

Annual Volunteer Day of KVT Finland: Evaluating, reflecting and planning ahead. (Facebook Event: here)

"Coming together and getting the chance to know some other great volunteers was fantastic. In short, helping others also helps me in some way.” - Hassan Musse, Volunteer of KVT Finland




The Strategic Planning Workshop is a place where SCI branches and other organizations will be able to discuss future strategies on working with young refugees/migrants and evaluate their past actions.

Strategic Workshop.png

The Strategic Planning Workshop is focusing to evaluate and conclude the Branching Out Project:

  • meet and reflect on knowledge, best practices and challenges experienced throughout the involvement in the Community Forum and the organization of the Local Activities during the summer 2018;
  • share best practices, tools and lessons learnt with the SCI movement in order to inspire other branches and partner organizations to take action towards more inclusive volunteer projects and events in SCI;
  • evaluate Branching out project in its whole;
  • discuss future strategies on engaging young refugees/migrants in SCI volunteering activities.


Under this report you will find the most important outcomes of our project evaluation, discussions and the Strategic Workshop.




Diverse Communities: Visual Method Cards are an interactive and easy-to-use tool that can help when looking for ways to cherish diversity and to encourage intercultural dialogue among different groups or individuals in a local community or during international activity.


As an output of Branching Out: (re)connecting ideas, we proudly present an interactive tool - Diverse Communities: Visual Method Cards. The creation of this tool has been following our entire project. During the first activity - the Community Forum - we gathered proven best practices of the present Branches and their Local Partners. These practices facilitate dialogue among diverse groups and their introduction and preparation have been translated, by the Branching Out Project Team, into an easy to understand language. The tool is now available online - you can find the cards here and the instructions on how to use them here. The PDF Version is ready to be printed. We will be happy to hear from your stories where, when and how you used them. 

If you are interested to receive a hard copy with instructions and bag we are sure to manage somehow to bring them to the next international event. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a personal postage free shipping :)



This travel policy applies to all the activities of this project.