Branching out: Resources

Some inspiration and resources related to the topic of Branching Out: (re)connecting ideas project:


Diverse Communities: Visual Method Cards

As an output of Branching Out: (re)connecting ideas, we proudly present an interactive tool - Diverse Communities: Visual Method Cards. The creation of this tool has been following our entire project. During the first activity - the Community Forum - we gathered proven best practices of the present Branches and their Local Partners. These practices facilitate dialogue among diverse groups and their introduction and preparation have been translated, by the Branching Out Project Team, into an easy to understand language. We spread this tool to encourage other groups to try out new ways of bringing together diverse groups of their local communities. The tool is likewise designed with visuals to use it directly as facilitation tool in groups.

You can find the cards here and the instructions on how to use them here. The PDF Version is ready to be printed. If you are interested to receive a hard copy with instructions and bag we are sure to manage somehow to bring them to the next international event. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a personal postage free shipping :) Please share your storied how you have been using the tool in your local community and drop us a message.



BalkanSteps blog

BalkanSteps blog is made by volunteers from local organization called Volunteers’ Center of Vojvodina, a Serbian branch of SCI. Idea for the blog is made out of the need to share experience, inform, and invite people to join and help  in time of the refugee and humanitarian crisis that emerged during 2015. First, the platform was a meant for sharing different calls for exhibitions and donations in order to provide immediate relief for people seeking refuge in Serbia. Nowadays, the blog is also full of interesting interviews of people from diverse backgrounds and stories to tell about war, love, solidarity and memories.


Colours of a Journey

Each day, children all over the world become refugees and embark on a journey for a better future. Through Colours of a Journey, we have collected the artworks of refugee minors in order to try to see the world through their eyes.

This initiative was presented during the Community forum: Branching out as one of the best practice examples when it comes to working with refugees/asylum seekers and minority groups. Visit the website for more information and inspiration! :)


The Building Bridges Toolkit is a platform, designed to share the know-how on voluntary projects involving asylum seekers and refugees as well as raising awareness on forced migration in general. There are inspiring case studies of successful projects on the topic, practical guidelines on how to organize such projects and specific methods you can use.


‘’A Route to Connect’’ online platform was used to collect the material from all stages of the project, including the Balkan study trip that happened in May - June 2017. It contains stories, videos and pictures from the project which serve as an inspirational tool, but also as a method for collecting and documenting important information related to the topic of forced migration.


PATH exhibition - This publication presents stories of refugees, helpers and children of the Spanish Civil War, WWII and the Balkan wars along with a historical background. It was created thanks to contributions of the participants of different activities of the PATH project who followed the traces of past stories of forced migration and connected them with the current refugee influx and its impact on Europe in 2017. It was presented in a form of a n exhibition for the first time at the PATH Final event in Sofia, Bulgaria in January 2018. If you would like to show the physical exhibition at one of your events, please contact the International Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Back in 1990s SCI carried out the Crossing Borders - international refugee campaign, aiming at 1) developing concrete actions with refugees, 2) campaign for fairer legislation and policies and 3) raising awareness of and expressing solidarity with refugees. Have a look into the Resource Pack material that was developed back then.

Resource Pack 1

Resource Pack 2

Resource Pack-pedagogical tools

Implementation report of the campaign from 1997


Memoric Booklet - Memory Beyond Rhetoric, WWI and the growth of the pacifist movement in Europe: Looking back 100 years to understand the present we face and build the future we yearn. In this booklet you can find ready-made workshops on topic of propaganda, peace building and non-violence and implement them during your international activities.


Exhibition SCI Catalunya - “Volunteerism for peace: memory and present” got the support of “Memorial Democratic”, well recognized Catalonian institution which works towards “Recovering Memory”, especially with respect to the Spanish Civil War.