A Route To Connect Activities

1. Learn and Get Inspired from the Past seminar, 10 - 15 March 2017, Alt Empordà, Catalonia, Spain

Participants sent by project partners explore the history of the Spanish civil war and focus on the topic of forced migration. They follow the refugee route and get introduced with great historical spots: Elna Maternity Hospital, the venue of the concentration camp Argeles, Exile Memorial Museum etc. The project envisages working with local witnesses, experts and activists. Participants are encouraged to create a small video which will be used in the final video creation.


2. A Route To Connect field study trip, 15 May - 2 June 2016, Slovenia - Croatia - Serbia - Macedonia - Greece

The participants travel along the so called Balkan route and meet refugees, locals, local governments, NGO’s and volunteers. The aim of the journey is to give a voice to the refugees by collecting and distributing their stories and activate the refugees in the camps by setting an example of youth and volunteer work. After the study trip the participants follow up on the experience and create local projects with a team back home during the summer of 2017.

3. Awareness Raising Campaign, June - December 2017

Participants of the field study trip (activity 2) implement local public events in their home countries concentrated around three key dates: World Refugee Day (20 June), International Youth Day (12 August) and International Day Of Peace (21 September). The public events can be for example theatre, photo exhibitions, human libraries, or workshops. Follow up of the campaign in the form of a final event is to be held during SCI’s General Assembly in Barcelona, Spain, in December 2017.

Photo by LEGIS in Tabanovce, Macedonia