25 May, 2021

Why and how we hosted an event during a pandemic lockdown?

Virtual Floral Earth Day at SCI Malaysia

SCI and partners had been organising and promoting Earth Day on/around the 22nd of April every year for past decades with Planting of Trees, River Cleaning, Exhibition, Jumble Sales of recycled items, Animal Husbandry, Games, Quiz, Forum, etc. Along with this year’s UN Theme “Restore our Earth “and no-gathering, We discussed and asked – how can we do this in the spirit of promoting Peace, with Nature, with Mother Earth, and our community at the same time?

We decided to get people to appreciate the wonderful flowers they have around. To take photos of them, to get to know them by name, and share some personal feelings with these floral friends of theirs. Hence, we had this Virtual Floral Earth Day Event. We opted to use Social Media, Facebook as an open space for people to share and participate.

We are delighted to have participants all over Malaysia, and from our SCI friends from the UK, Greece, Bangladesh, Australia. We had many students, teachers, young and old people joining in. Their feedbacks were delightful – Ianabella Raeng wrote “Big applause to the organisers for organising this competition, I learned to appreciate my floral neighbors and at the same time this helps me to gain knowledge and learn more about each of them”, “flowers are like friends they bring colour to the world”, ”Every time I look at these flowers, I feel very happy because this is the result of my own sweat and hard work”

Thank you all, Pathma, Kak Nurul and all for helping to set up the Google Forms, post in the SCI Malaysia Facebook Page, for tracking them… then later to the Judges for narrowing to the Winners based on the Quality of their Photography, correctness of the names of the Flowers, the message they share about these wonderful flowers and the number of likes from the public.

We like to invite you to go to this link to see some of the beautiful flowers shared: https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/meetmybeautifulfloralfriends

It is amazing how many of us are always so busy and fail to see the unique, amazing beauty of each of these fascinating blooms. It is not surprising that besides Rose, Sunflowers, Hibiscus – Malaysia National Flower and a few others – most remain nameless or just “pretty flowers” to you. This event helps open to many people, to slow down and take a second look, and have the pleasure to call it by its proper names – be it Allamanda, Adenium, Bougainville, Camellia, Wedelia, Rangoon Creeper, Zinnias. Isn’t it nice to know your floral friend’s name – in the spirit of brotherhood, neighborliness, and friendship – question – do you know your neighbor’s name, can call them by name and stop to know and chat with them? if you do – great – if not – please do – it’s our small promotion for Earth Day, and Peace within our community. 

Thanks to SCI Malaysia for giving me the opportunity to help organize this event. It’s a wonderful learning experience.
Reagen Lim, Organising chairman

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