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Written by Iuliia Beliaeva

March 2021

It wasn’t that easy for me to find an EVS project that could meet my expectations. But once I had an interview with Nathalia and Loretta from SCI Switzerland, I had no doubt that it was a match.

I arrived in Bern at the beginning of January and had a chance to spend the first days with my coordinators and get to know them better. We had a great time together and it definitely helped me to adapt to life in Switzerland quicker. Then I could move to my room in the dorm which I found perfect. Another SCI volunteer Anastasiia and I have everything one could possibly need there and are surrounded by 5 other people who are always there for us. In the time of COVID, it’s a real delight to share the accommodation with some great people.

When it comes to my duties in the office, there’s a huge variety of things I could do and there’s always room for creativity and new ideas. I find it great that I can be really flexible here and organize my work the way I want. It definitely boosts my productivity and adds up to the final results. My colleagues are always supportive, although we mostly see each other virtually. Now it feels like I’ve always been a part of this team and I love this feeling.

This story won’t be complete without mentioning the city I live in. To be honest, I’ve never thought of moving to Switzerland and didn’t know much about the country and its capital. But I fell in love with Bern on my very first day here and my passion for this city grows stronger day by day. Here literally everyone can find their place, so diverse the city is.

Despite the pandemic, SCI Switzerland keeps planning amazing things and hoping for the best. I’m grateful for a chance to make my contribution and to be a part of this compassionate community. And it’s just the beginning!

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