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Volunteering for peace since 1920

Service Civil International

Volunteering for peace since 1920


What is SCI and why should you volunteer with us?

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SCI at the LevelUp Event in Brussels: We care, we vote

SCI at the LevelUp Event in Brussels: We care, we vote

On April 12 and 13, the LevelUp event was held at the European Parliament in Brussels. Organized in the context of the upcoming European elections, the event brought together 1,300 young people from across Europe to meet, exchange ideas, and learn how to strengthen their activism. The SCI network attended the event with nine representatives. Read their experience!

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We are a volunteer organisation dedicated to promoting a culture of peace by organising international voluntary projects open to everyone.

Join our movement and turn values into action!


Short-term voluntary projects aimed at breaking down barriers between people and develop intercultural understanding while supporting local communities.

Long-term volunteering

Projects that last from 1 to 12 months where volunteers live in another country and community, are involved in a local project, learning from different cultures and people.

Events and training courses

Local events that promote peace and intercultural understanding, training courses and workshops that build capacity to work to reach our vision for peace.

Online learning

Different online training courses hosted on our online learning platform, to give the chance to anyone around the world to learn about peace and gain tools to act for peace.

I really recommend volunteering programs! I’ve gained so much from taking part in different programs and it gave me a new perspective on what I can give to people as a part of my life here on our beautiful planet.

Tjan Daimon

Long-term volunteer from Slovenia

This experience has been a before and after in my life, because it made me more aware of the things I consume and the suffering that animals have to go through for this. Obviously, I became a vegetarian after my participation in this workcamp. Of course, an experience that I would repeat a thousand times over.


Workcamp volunteer from Peru in "The Animal Academy"

My volunteering experience has enriched me with practical skills and also allowed me to grow immeasurably on the inside – an experience I would never want to change and I am more and more grateful for.


Long-term volunteer from Czech Republic


Building a more peaceful world and creating spaces for intercultural dialogue: you can make this happen with your contribution!

Every amount is valuable and we truly appreciate it.