27 June, 2024

What’s up in the Decolonise IVS project?


For the last 2 years a consortium of 10 International Voluntary Service Organisations has been examining how colonial legacies are still influencing our organisations and the work we do. The project addresses historical inequalities, promoting an inclusive framework for voluntary service. It seeks to dismantle colonial legacies, ensuring fair and equitable participation for all volunteers and communities but where are we now? What did we find out? Do we need changes in our organisations? How can we work on change in our organisations? The project produced more questions than answers but still we would like to share some of the main outcomes and tools created with you.

On July 9th at 2 PM CEST we’ll organise a 90 min interactive webinar where you can learn more about our project and its outcomes. No time? You can also visit the project website (www.ccivs.org/decolonise) and find some of the content there.

Or do you want to read a story from one of the participants of our Visual Storytelling Training? Get to know Abanoi’s experience in Vienna! https://sci.ngo/vov/storytelling-training-in-vienna/

Ready to sign up for the Decolonise webinar? Use this link to get your entrance ticket!

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ESC position open for Project volunteer in Belgium

ESC position open for Project volunteer in Belgium

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