SCI’s mission is to promote a culture of peace. In order to achieve our mission, we work on different topics and issues through our branches and always keeping the local and global perspective in mind. The themes highlighted on the website are directly tied to different projects, campaigns and programmes we have run on an international level during the past few years.
Volunteer working in a permaculture garden


Today climate change is for us what World War I was to Pierre Cérésole in the early 20th century: it presents a growing threat to peace, nonviolence and human rights. This is why SCI branches and activists are trying to find solutions and working towards a climate resilient future.


SCI believes that each human being needs and should be at the core of governmental policies, before any economic or political evaluation. This is why SCI promotes freedom of movement and the right to citizenship at a global level.

Liguria pride, group picture of the volunteers


Gender inequalities, stereotypes and prejudice negatively influence everyday life experiences of people with a non-normative gender and/or sexuality, and often result in their marginalisation and discrimination. SCI sees this as violence and tries to address it with its projects.