Pierre Cérésole Award

Honoring Extraordinary Contributions to SCI Movement

The Pierre Cérésole Awards serves as a distinguished platform to showcase exceptional projects. This cherished tradition involves recognizing and commending the dedicated efforts of our SCI branches, group members, working groups, and activists for their invaluable contributions throughout the preceding year.

Pierre Cérésole Award for

Gender Equality



Human Rights

Migrants and Refugees

Natural Disaster Relief Work

Promotion of SCI values and history


The Pierre Cérésole Awards have specific criteria for submissions. Firstly, entries should be limited to a maximum duration of ten minutes. The eligible content is diverse, ranging from projects and campaigns to partnerships, noteworthy achievements by branches, and outstanding individuals. However, it is important to note that the submitted material must receive approval from the International Executive Committee. Submissions are open to all members of the SCI movement, including branches, group members, working groups, and activists. Additionally, each submission must be accompanied by a concise explanation and a background story to provide context and insight into the project or achievement.

Award Ceremony/Announcement

The award ceremony takes place during the International Committee Meeting, which is held annually in December, and it serves as the official platform to honor SCI outstanding achievement in promoting peace.

Pierre Cérésole Award Winners of 2023

IVP Australia

Goulburn Farmers Market won Pierre Cérésole Award for Environment, as the project strucks the jury not only for its commitment to sustainability and awareness raising on the importance of local produce, but also for its component of community building and its long-term vision. Congratulations!

SCI India

Plastic-Free Raidighi won Pierre Cérésole Award for Environment, as the project exhibits many components that the jury considered important: community engagement, youth engagement, awareness-raising, advocacy and a clear impact for the community. Congratulations!

MIDI Working Group

Youth Green Deal won Pierre Cérésole Award for promotion of SCI values and history, since the project has a strong environmental component with focus youth capacity building and international solidarity with people living under occupation. Congratulations!

SCI Germany

Weltwaerts LTV-Incoming program won Pierre Cérésole Award for promotion of SCI values and history, since the project supports SCI activities for long-term exchanges, putting deliberate efforts into levelling the playing field when it comes to north-south exchanges, making sure that volunteers from the Global South have the chance to volunteer in the Global North. In this sense, the project is very much in line with the recent discourse on decolonisation, and with SCI values. Congratulations!

Previous Winners

2022 Pierre Cérésole Award Winners

SCI Madrid

  • Category: Gender equality, Environment, Migrants and refugees.
  • Description: SCI Madrid won three awards for three projects respectively, “Detox your project”, addressing tools to identify and reduce toxic masculinity in youth work and promoting gender equality. Additionally, “Ecosfera”, recognising their efforts in fostering social integration through environmental initiatives and “PROFES”, introducing free Spanish classes for migrants and refugees.

SCI Sri Lanka

  • Category: Peace and branch achievments
  • Description: SCI Sri Lanka won Pierre Cérésole Award in recognition of their outstanding efforts towards fostering peace. The award-winning video presentation showcases the diverse range of activities undertaken by SCI Sri Lanka in 2022, you can watch the full video here.

2021 Pierre Cérésole Award Winners

SCI Italy

  • Category: Migrants and Refugees
  • Description: SCI Italy won the award for their project “MicroProS”, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and mobility restrictions, MicroProS demonstrated that tangible efforts for social inclusion can thrive, showcasing the resilience and adaptability of the project.

    SCI Malaysia

    • Category: Promotion of SCI Values and History
    • Description: SCI Malaysia has been recognised for their exceptional commitment to promoting SCI values and history through the impactful project, “99+1 Nasi Ahad.” Over a course of 22 weeks, dedicated volunteers engaged in the noble task of cooking and distributing 100 lunch packs every Sunday to support community members, particularly children from families facing hardships.

    2020 Pierre Cérésole Award Winners

    SCI Belgium

    • Category: Peace
    • Description: SCI Belgium won the award for their project “Become an artists of peace”, which presented unwavering commitment to peace-building.

    SCI Austria

    • Category: Promotion of SCI Values and History
    • Description: SCI Austria’s exceptional contributions towards promoting the values and history throughout their project titled, “Living library”. You can watch out more about it here.

    SCI Hellas

    • Category: Refugees and Migrants
    • Description: SCI Hellas’ impactful work in supporting refugees and migrants has been recognized, especially through their project “Umoja-Enosi, Football Team”.