Partnership on Peace

Supported by Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values

A programme by the European Union

January 2023 - December 2025

What is CERV?

CERV is the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme of the European Union. It was launched in 2021 and will run for seven years until 2027. It was created along with the 2021-2027 Justice programme under the Justice, Rights and Values Fund.
The CERV programme seeks to support and develop open, rights-based, democratic, equal and inclusive societies based on the rule of law. That includes a vibrant and empowered civil society, encouraging people’s democratic, civic and social participation and cultivating the rich diversity of European society, based on our common values, history and memory.

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Partnership on Peace: Our areas of work under CERV


Project Management and network coordination

General management and running of the organisation ensures effective coordination of the network in terms of organisational development, management and membership support in key policy areas, with a special focus on sustainability and accessibility of SCI’s activities to a broader groups of citizens.


Learning and Capacity Building

It aims to empower EU citizens and network members by acquiring competences crucial to act for effective social change through training opportunities, webinars, and online courses that use the power of non-formal education, peer learning and participatory, non-hierarchical approaches. The offer of educational activities is broad and covers different topics.


Solidarity, Citizen Engagement and Advocacy

We concentrates our efforts to stimulate EU citizens to actively participate in civic life and raise awareness about different Union Values and key topics, while engaging citizens through local and cross-border volunteering activities, and encouraging them to take part in different EU debates and/or representing the voices of grassroot CSOs on the European level.


Quality and Impact Assessment

We put emphasis on our commitment to develop a complete system for measurement of our impact on citizens, local communities, civic life and the environment, a crucial instrument that would drive an increase in the quality of our activities and our overall impact in the future.


Digital Transformation and Safety

We focus on digital challenges and aims to start to build a well-organised, powerful constituency / knowledge management system, that would be integrated with our placement platform in the future. 



The Regranting Scheme will support network member activities in key policy areas, with a special focus on climate/environment, peace and inclusion; SCI will implement a strategy to ensure high quality of the management process, by creating a call, an assessment committee in charge to evaluate the received proposals, an efficient monitoring procedure and effective support to the grantees.


Dissemination and Communication

It bridges our efforts to effectively promote network activities, their results and impact in a clear and consistent way and to coordinate social media campaigns across the network, while increasing the visibility of shared EU values, and awareness of volunteering as a form of active citizenship.

Our regranting scheme

Every year, in the scope of SCI’s Operating Grant under CERV, the International Secretariat (IS) of Service Civil International (SCI) is happy to invite proposals from its member organisations based in European Union (EU) member states, for projects to be supported throughout the year.

The aim of the Re-granting Scheme is to financially support network branches to carry out activities which promote the core values of SCI and the values of the European Union (EU).

If you are one of the organisation below, you can apply for re-granting.

SCI Austria


SCI Belgium


CVS Bulgaria


SCI Croatia


KVT Finland


SCI France


SCI Germany


SCI Hellas


Utilapu Hungary


VSI Ireland


SCI Italy


VIA Netherlands


SCI Poland


SCI Romania


SCI Slovenia


SCI Catalunya


SCI Madrid


SCI Sweden