SCI Re-granting Scheme to EU members

Call for proposals 2024

Background and aims

The International Secretariat (IS) of Service Civil International (SCI) is happy to invite proposals from its member organisations based in European Union (EU) member states, for projects planned to take place in the 2024 year. This is possible in the scope of SCI’s Operating Grant under the EU’s Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV).

The aim of the Re-granting Scheme is to financially support network branches to carry out activities which promote the core values of SCI and the values of the European Union (EU).


The thematic focuses of this call are:


In addition, proposed activities must contribute to at least one of the following specific objectives:

  • Strengthened capacity to protect and promote EU rights and values;
  • More supportive environment for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and rights defenders such as national human rights institutions;
  • Better developed advocacy and watchdog role of CSOs;
  • Increased involvement of CSOs in policy- and decision-making processes with local, regional, and national governments;
  • Increased citizen awareness of EU rights and values;
  • Strengthened regional cooperation within civil society.

For all projects under this scheme, mainstreaming gender equality must be a consideration: following EU principles of gender equality, women’s leadership and participation in projects, and coverage of gender aspects in the themes addressed by the projects, is highly encouraged and should be described in the application form.


Applicant Organisation Criteria

The following criteria must be fulfilled for an application to be considered. The applicant organisation:

  • Is an effective member (branch) of Service Civil International;
  • Established and operating in an EU member state;
  • Committed to upholding EU values;
  • Committed to actively ensuring gender diversity, equality, and inclusion in its work;
  • To have sent updated branch reporting documents (2022 year, uploaded to MA);
  • (In case of any proposed activities involving under 18s) has a Child Protection Policy, transparent and available online;
  • Possesses sound management and administrative capacity to carry out the proposed activities.

Guidelines for applicants

Please ensure to read the Guidelines for Applicants in its entirety before preparing and submitting your proposal. This is the complete information related to the call.


How to apply

For a complete application, please provide:

  • Complete project proposal (download template here)
  • Complete budget form (download template here)
  • Upload the above documents and fill out the requested information in the application form (link in the Guideline for Applicants)
  • Complete branch reporting for year 2022 (uploaded to

⏰ Deadline: 4th March 2024, 23:59 CET

Contact us

In case of questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our donor

SCI’s Re-granting Scheme (FSTP) is funded by the European Union’s CERV (Citizens, Equality, Rights, and Values) Programme. Grants are available for CSOs in EU countries.

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