Peace in Diversity

Empowering Youth for Building Peace

January 2024- June 2025

The background

Peace in Diversity is initiated by SCI’s International Secretariat (IS), in Belgium and has been implemented with its 12 partners. Participants from 11 countries will become actors of change in their organisations and beyond. 

The project promotes peaceful coexistence, emphasises the impact of daily behaviour, develops conflict resolution skills in youth leaders, equips professionals and volunteers with tools for peacebuilding, enhances partner organisations’ capacity as peace promoters, and takes co-responsibility for the peaceful future of Europe.

floral peace sign. Peace in Diversity written

The objectives

Demonstrate to the young people that peace starts with how we treat our neighbours and community members and motivate them to consciously support peaceful coexistence.

Underline the importance of daily behaviour and that young people do have an influence on the world by the small, daily acts they perform, by each microaggression or micro affirmation.

Work with the youth so that they grow into leaders who can resolve conflicts without recourse to any type of violence.

Equip professionals and volunteers working with young people with expertise and tools to build and sustain peace on a micro level among the youth living in diverse groups and communities.

Enhance and develop the capacity of our partner organisations as peace promoters.

Take co-responsibility for the peaceful future of Europe.

The activities

The project includes 3 maing activities:

From Conflict to Collaboration: Building a Culture of Peace in Diverse Communities

02- 09 April 2024, Belgium

The training program is open to youth workers, volunteers, educators interested in enhancing their skills in peace and conflict resolution. The training course is very practically oriented and will provide numerous opportunities for the participants to learn by doing and experience.

Diverse Voices, Common Needs: Building Peaceful Communities Together

12- 19 November 2024, Belgium

The activity involves a second training course, “Diverse Voices, Common Needs: Building Peaceful Communities Together,” focusing on the exploration of new mechanisms for promoting peace and sharing good practices. The training sessions are logically connected to achieve the overall project goals, fostering personal and professional growth among youth workers. 

Tools for Peace – a series of 6 webinars and an online workshop

June 2024- April 2025 

The series of webinars “Tools for Peace” aims at creating a sustainable component within the project “Peace in Diversity.” The goal is to produce a lasting impact beyond the project’s duration by offering a series of online events for a wider audience, including six webinars and one workshop, focusing on skills and tools related to building and sustaining peace in diverse communities.