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Become a SCItizen!FAQs about SCItizens

Why become a SCItizen?

With many of us living outside our own countries or having little contact with our local branch, SCItizens gives you the opportunity to be a global SCI citizen, to support SCI even if you can’t actively take part.

Being a global SCItizen will help to support the SCI movement in the same ways that other NGOs build a global following. It will connect the SCI family past, present and future to give us a stronger voice and to encourage global solidarity for peace within ourselves, peace in our communities and peace with the natural environment.

Subscriptions will help to support our international work. And 20% will be allocated to support branches in need, to keep the movement strong and represented around the world.

You are also encouraged to join your local branch too and become active. For ways to be actively involved, explore our website under “get involved”.

SCItizen: Global citizen and SCI supporter who is part of the SCI community working for a world of peace

How can you join?

To join, fill in the form below, and you can choose whether to subscribe monthly or annually, and choose your regular amount.

The work of SCI is needed now more than ever.

Come and join us!