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Time flies in Antwerp

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Written by Sky So from Hong Kong, China

February 2017

Time flies. It has been a month since I joined the SCI International Secretariat as an EVS volunteer. I am so blissful that I am here in Antwerp, a very peaceful and cosy city, and working with a lot of friendly people here.

Talk about ‘Work’

I am taking part in one of the SCI’s international projects, Peers to Peace, which is a project that builds on branches’ strengths and needs by exchanging and communicating with other SCI branches. Although it’s just been a month, I feel very comfortable in joining the project team and also the people in the IS. They are super helpful, friendly, encouraging and open-minded. While compared to Hong Kong, the working style here is much more relaxed but still functional, I really enjoy teaming up with them. They always welcome crazy but practical thinking, which is really important for organisational development, as little crazy thought bring great innovation and inspiration. Working with the International Secretariat, they give EVS volunteers freedom to talk, to give ideas, to participant. The point is they don’t just listen; they will direct you, guide you and lead you. Taking action! It is more important than just talking. For the first time, I feel like ‘I love working’. Always full of energy every single morning when I am on the way back to IS office. What sarcasm that would be if I were working in Hong Kong.

Talk about Antwerp’s Life

To be honest, I found it very easy to integrate with both working style and lifestyle here. There are plenty of people asking me ‘Sky, you are from Hong Kong, as an Asian, do you find it hard to get used to Western culture?’ Thanks to my fellow EVS volunteers and IS staff again. Indeed, they took good care of me and helped me to adjust to the speed of life by telling me and showing me. I started to slow down my speed, trying to enjoy the life here, enjoying the beers, enjoying being with people, enjoying cycling (trying to;)). Now, I can say I am almost completely used to the life in Antwerp. Lucky me!

Until now, everything seems so prefect to me!

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