Wonderful days at farming workcamp in Malaysia






Written by LooWee Chia from Malaysia

January 2019

It was a great learning experience to attend Organic Farming and Meditation workcamp at Cameron Highlands (Malaysia) last December (11-21).

We got to learn the ins and outs of organic farming from seeding, planting, compost making, to harvesting and packaging. Among all, weeding was a big part of our daily chores. Thanks to the sharing from Mr. Fung, we learned the science behind our chores and to look at weeds differently. Instead of seeing weeds as unwanted plants, they play important roles as covered crops, nutrients providers and beautifiers that make the farm greener. We also learned to meditate and clear up our mind alongside the mundane tasks.

Living on the farm allowed us to get close to the greatest teacher, mother nature. And having to share this simple and calm lifestyle with my fellow team mates was definitely a pleasure. As a food lover, I was particularly thrilled to enjoy the gourmet cuisine from all around the world using freshly harvested organic vegetables. Besides, we had fun during the study parts discussing about carbon footprint, learning how to massage each other, and visiting local farm to learn about commercial practices. Final words, it is a blessing to wake up listening to birds chirping and worms humming, and this workcamp has taught me to strive for a balance between the well-being of oneself and nature.

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