25 May, 2021

Earth Day Forum

at Mara University of Technology Malaysia (UiTM)

SCI KL (FT & Selangor), Malaysia was delighted to be invited by UiTM (Mara University of Technology Malaysia) Puncak Alam, Environmental Health Student’s Association (EHSan) for an hour and a half  Talk / Sharing on Earth Day – on the Theme ‘Rebirth the Earth’ with a focus for their students “The future reflect on our Action” on the 22 April 2021, 2 pm via Free Conference Call (FCC).

Our SCI Team gladly accepted the invitation and proposed to have a Panel presentation comprising of Uncle Stephen Nah, Ms. Sona Ammasi and Ms. Nurul Syahida Ahmad Said to give a wider and deeper perspective on the subject topic. Due to an escalating Covid situation then, and an anticipated lockdown arrangement, our event was rescheduled to the 6th May 2021.

As expected the event was very well organised and formal – with proper introduction, salutation, prayers and playing of the National Anthem. Around 130 students and staff logged in from all over Malaysia. Interestingly they opted to use this Free and new online platform FCC (Free Conference Call) which can host up to 1000 attendees. We had some minor hitches, but overall it went very well.

Stephen Nah gave an introduction of What’s SCI, its history, and historical engagement as an NGO and Peace Movement promoting Social Justice and Sustainable Developments. He shared the concern – that our Mother Earth is in Crisis and how SCI through its Voluntary and Community engagement are involved in Long, Medium, Short-term and Weekend projects in it. He shared our SCI long-term project at Vlahi-EcoCenter, Bulgaria and the workcamps at Mr. Fung’s Organic Farms at Cameron Highlands and the happy experiences of our volunteers. He invited the students to be engaged and experience it as well.

Nurul shared a Video with a compilation of lively photos highlighting what SCI Malaysia had done locally during the past Earth Days events. This included planting trees, river cleaning, working with animals, forum, exhibitions, quiz, games, promoting the 3Rs and jumble sales of recycled products. However, this year due to the pandemic and lockdown we took the opportunity to organize a virtual event “Meet my Beautiful Floral Friends” in complement to the UN Theme “Restore our Earth” and in promotion of our Peace Agenda. Nurul also shared the benefits of volunteering plus her personal international volunteering experiences as well.

Ms. Sona timely reflected on an earlier video presented by the students which showed the massive environmental destruction, pollution, wastage, etc. She invited all the students and future leaders of our society to take an active and positive role as a Volunteer and as a Professional to be the Change for the Better. Sona also shared with them the Concept and Principle on What’s Volunteering – the many areas open to them eg – shelter homes, schools, farms, parks and wherever they can fit in or are needed. While many restrain or shy away from volunteering, she highlighted studies had shown people are friendlier, more relaxed and happier as they experience these intrinsic joy from volunteering and giving.

Diana, the UiTM Event Program Director wrote “It was a very good sharing and we received a lot of good feedback about this programme. May we collaborate again soon? thanks for having us”.

By: Nurul Syahida Ahmad Said, 

Secretary for SCI FT & Selangor, Malaysia

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