16 March, 2022

European Youth has landed in Innsbruck

Mobility Of Volunteering? Eco-friendly! Landing and Spreading. Seminar in Innsbruck 6th-13th March 2022

Thirty two volunteers and youth workers met in Mutters near Innsbruck on March 6th, 2022 and embarked on a very intense week organised by SCI Germany and SCI Austria.

After a few rounds of whose name is whose and energizers, the third part of the MOVE project was launched. After meeting in September to learn more about climate change and mobility issues, the time had come to create the toolkit and go into more details.

The goals of the week were to enhance the knowledge of young people on global mobility and find solutions for the mobility of international volunteers.The days were filled with activities of all kinds: debates, human libraries, readings, games, movies, etc.

Spending a week under the sun of Austria next to the mountains brought everyone a sense of peace. I can still feel the sun burning my skin while listening to a podcast on the limits of mobility for women* in Germany. We were lucky enough to have organisers that provided us with different materials to always keep us interested.

Tuesday, March 8th was International Women’s day. After talking about gender inequalities and discrimination we all headed to the center of Innsbruck. Armed with our signs and our determination, we marched for hours and listened to amazing people that expressed their everyday fights.

We were lucky enough to have a free afternoon in Innsbruck on Thursday. We all went in different directions, but most of us found each other again in the city centre. We would gather around by screaming our new battle cry learned on Tuesday, “Alerta, Alerta, Feminista!”.  

On Friday, we had a lovely open space, where the participants became “teachers”. We got to talk of speciesism, permaculture and how mobility works in our countries.

This experience enabled us to learn more about climate and global mobility and start writing  a new toolkit for SCI. Moreover, we learned from each other. Whether by playing Ligretto, debating on different topics, cooking together and learning typical dances from our home countries.

Thank you to our long-term volunteer Anaick for this article and pictures!

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