18 May, 2020

Asian Voices is back!

News on SCI's work in Asia

Service Civil International is celebrating its 100th year as an international movement this year. The Asian Development Committee (ADS) of SCI thought that this was the perfect occasion to reignite the spark of the Asian Voices, a newsletter dedicated to news about SCI’s work in Asia.

This issue of the newsletter is dedicated to SCI’s founder Pierre Cérésole, who started this global peace-loving family.

You will find stories from Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Bangladesh and Nepal, including interviews with volunteers and updates by international activists.

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“A time to reflect and reconnect”

“A time to reflect and reconnect”

After ten years of activities and brainstorming on climate change, non-formal education, peacebuilding, friendship, volunteering, or activism, GAIA Kosovo decided it was time to gather testimonies, stories, experiences from friends from the Balkans and beyond in the form of podcasts.

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