28 March, 2023

Free new tools for trainers and educators from SCI Poland!

by SCI Poland

In SCI Poland, we have recently wrapped up our Learning Lab(oratory) project on quality non-formal education.
The final webinar on 27.02.2023 gathered around 100 trainers, educators and youth workers, all interested in discovering the recipes for organising high-quality educational events.

If you ever lead educational events – workshops, meetings, webinars, training courses, etc., you will be surely interested in our resources for educators, developed within the project. These are:

  • infographic on environmental sustainability in non-formal education,
  • infographic on inclusion in non-formal education,
  • Facilitator’s Cards supporting trainers in designing high-quality learning processes.

You can download all of them for free on our website, on the page dedicated to the Learning Lab(oratory) project.

We are especially proud of our Facilitator’s Cards – a tool to help facilitators/trainers/educators plan and implement an educational activity. These cards are ready to support you with ideas, checklists, and spaces for notes and reminders so that everyone can deliver a high-quality learning process.
While the Cards are a practical tool that helps you plan and implement a high-quality educational activity, the Supplement gives you additional, theoretical insights into the card topics, aiming to guide and support you on your educator’s journey.

You can also order the printed version of the Facilitator’s Cards for free, you only need to pay for the shipment (10 EUR per pack). Simply fill in the order form at this link!
The printed Cards are laminated and envisaged for multiple usage thanks to the wet-erasable technology used. They come in a beautiful bag and with a special marker to write on the Cards.

The “Learning Lab(oratory) – quality non-education in the digital world” project (11.2021-2.2023) was co-funded by the European Union – we are thankful to the donor for this support!

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