7 December, 2021

International Volunteering Fair

How did it go?

It’s time for a short recap of our International Volunteering Fair!

On Sunday, December 5th International Secretariat of SCI held its first online International Volunteering Fair on the platform GatherTown. It was a brand new initiative for us and we are very happy that we managed to provide this chance to connect with past, present and future volunteers from all around the world!

We would like to send a big thank you to everyone who visited us on GatherTown, to amazing organisers of workshops and activities as well as all the Branches and Partners who contributed ther ideas to the platform and spread the news all over social media!

About 80+ participants visited us in the Fair. We organised a moment for newcomers to meet previous volunteers, created a Movie room with videos connected to SCI, a 100 years anniversary exhibition, had workshops, contests, informational booths as well as a beach area and private spaces for casual conversations. The event was fun, informative and made with lots of motivation and dedication.

Here is some feedback from our participants:

I very much enjoyed the fair and was impressed by the layout, activities and exhibitions. I almost needed more time to explore even though I was there for quite a lot of the day

The three workshops I attended were great. The peace cards; lovely to see Goshka again and meet Nathalie, really good and thoughtful discussions. (…) The bullying workshop was more powerful than I realised with self disclosure and a very kind supportive group.

Oh, speaking at the International Volunteer Fair, it was just fantastic (…). Just one example: when I entered for the first time the GatherTown at Sunday 1am CET, I stumbled upon a harp and when I started to interact, the harp played the SCI song Amities! Complete with a musicpage and lyrics in different languages. Just because of that I would like to visit this cosy town (and beach) again.

We also introduced Pierrette for the first time ever! She was a digital SCI volunteer, created by volunteers in the IS office in Antwerp. She was one of the key players during our communication activites as well as a host of the event itself – if you had joined us last Sunday, you got a chance to meet her 🙂

Take a look at the virtual world we created as it is still available for exploring: HERE.  And if you want to give your own impressions about the Fair and the digital space please don’t hesitate and use the guest book at the entrance!


Thank you to everyone involved and we hope to see you all again very soon!

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