12 June, 2020

SCI online Cine Festival

'Inspiration through lenses'

We closed the first edition of SCI Cine Festival ‘Inspiration through lenses’. It featured a total of 8 sessions, each Friday between 10th April and 29th May. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the special situation of isolation and quarantine in many countries, we decided to hold it online by Facebook LIVE.

The aim of this initiative was to share the movies that inspired us to work for peace and moved us to be a better person in our daily lives. Especially in the year of our 100th anniversary, we wanted to explore the values ​​and motivations that move people to become activists for peace and that allow international peace movements like SCI to be created and to continue staying active for a century!

The Cine Festival was focused on acts for peace by the SCI movement, because we believe in the power of images and emotions to motivate action. Finally, we are very pleased with the diversity of documentaries on display:

  • Through “Escaping to love and to be”, we discovered the situation of LGBTI+ people in Morocco, their resistance and the difficulties that asylum seekers face. A documentary produced by Servei Civil Internacional in cooperation with Comissió Catalana d’Ajuda al Refugiat and La Directa.
  • Through “Volunteering vs Violence”, we have reflected on the impact of international volunteering throughout the years. A documentary coordinated by SCI Hellas with Servei Civil Internacional, Servizio Civile Internazionale Italia, and Stowarzyszenie Jeden Świat – SCI Poland as partner.
  • Through “Permaculture as a path to peace” we explored the principles of permaculture design as a tool for peace reconciliation, youth empowerment and a way of life. A documentary made as part of the project 3PEAS developed by GAIA Kosovo and directed by Lum Çitaku and Trëndelinë Halili.
  • Through “PATH stories behind borders” we listened to stories of people who were on move during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), Balkan Wars (in 1990’s) and the newest migration in Europe (from 2015), learning about forced migration from 3 generations. A movie created during the PATH project, carried on by Servei Civil Internacional in 2017.
  • Through “A Route To Connect” we delved into the refugee situation in the Balkan route. A film part of A Route To Connect SCI project, which gave voice to refugees and empowered youngsters to take action.
  • Through “Living Library” we learned how not to judge a book just by its cover. A short video that collects testimony from the successful Living Library event developed by SCI Switzerland.
  • Through “The cloud factory” we reflected on the biggest challenge of today’s world: climate change, learning from impacted communities. A video based on the action ‘Climate Justice, Participation and Inclusion’ implemented by GAIA Kosovo in  2014.
  • Through “Intercultural Evening Bulgaria” we immersed ourselves in the culture and traditions of Bulgaria from Switzerland. A short documentary based on the ‘Intercultural Evenings’, a regular public event implemented by SCI Switzerland that promote intercultural exchange.

Thanks to all the SCI branches and partner organisations that have contributed with their audiovisual productions, bringing us bits of inspiration through the cameras! A big thank you to all the participants as well. We hope the experience has been enriching for everyone. See you in next editions.

Remember that you can watch permanently the 8 sessions of the first SCI Cine Festival ‘Inspiration through lenses’ here.

SCI Cine Festival 'Inspiration through lenses'

Written by Esther Hernández Díaz

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