7 May, 2020

Re-opening of placements

SCI International’s Statement

Dear friends of SCI,

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the measures taken to address it, have rapidly changed the lives of people from all over the world, with an impact on health and health systems, human rights, the economy, mobility, personal relations and social interactions. Although most countries in the world have been affected, the responses by governments and individuals, as well as the consequences on communities, vary considerably.

SCI works for peace through organizing volunteering projects and activities, both national and international, focused on intercultural dialogue and understanding. A core part of our work is bringing people together to create this dialogue. SCI’s work has therefore been heavily impacted and we have been working on adapting our activities to this new and fast-changing situation. We did this by keeping a close look at the developments in different countries, constantly discussing plans and alternative ideas within the Movement, communicating with volunteers, partners and other IVS networks and pausing workcamp placements in order to have time to better understand the situation and respond appropriately.

Our goal is to support the actions taken by communities and nations to address the COVID-19 virus and protect those vulnerable amongst us, as well as keep working on our vision for peace.
We firmly believe that our work for a world where all people live together with mutual respect cannot stop now, in a moment where solidarity is crucial for the wellbeing of communities and the most vulnerable among them. It is important that we keep addressing socially important issues, offering alternatives to the dominant model, stimulating creativity for a better future, and bringing people together to create international dialogue and understanding.

That is why, after careful consideration and extensive dialogue within the Movement, we have decided to re-open workcamp placements, starting on 8th May 2020, employing measures that ensure the principle of “do no harm”. Ensuring the health and safety of the participants and the communities we are working with is our priority.
Given the significant differences between countries in terms of measures taken and health situation, each SCI Branch will adapt its work accordingly, deciding when and how to organise workcamps, always keeping an open and transparent communication with everyone involved.

Additionally, we will offer volunteers alternative workcamps and activities that are safe to join given the circumstances, starting from local workcamps, virtual workcamps, or a combination of the two.

You will find the opportunities available to you on our workcamps search engine and more information on different measures SCI has taken and will take will be explained to you there. Please contact your local organisation to have more information on the details of participation.

We hope that the activities that we offer will give you hope and motivation in this challenging moment for us all, and will make you feel closer to the worldwide community of volunteers and activists that are working towards peace. Take this moment as  an opportunity to be creative, to imagine a different world, to redefine systems that are now showing all their flaws and build more resilient, inclusive and fair communities. At the same time, we hope you take care of yourselves, your loved ones and show solidarity with your communities as we are in this together. 

Finally, we would like to express our continuous gratitude to those who are tirelessly working on the forefront and final defense during these unprecedented times, as the response to the crisis is not over yet and we all need to keep doing our best to keep the situation under control.

We will continue to evaluate the changing situation and keep sharing updates with you.  


As always stay safe, kind and healthy. 

With continuous hope for the future, 

SCI International

COVID-19 – dedicated page
Read more information and updates here.

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