19 April, 2020

SCI Hellas is big on fb!

Solidarity and peace work

With the pandemic taking over our lives, relations, work, economy… you name it (!) SCI Hellas couldn’t stay put and not keep up with solidarity and peace work.

What did we do?

We hit facebook and the rest of our social media and we are still doing it more than ever!

Since March 29, 2020 onwards we have dedicated our media to promoting solidarity ideas, factual advice, offerings and calls for help, volunteer initiatives and articles from known sources that might be of interest to our audiences.

So far we have uploaded 71 posts ranging from emergency phone numbers people can call, to colorful graphics with advice and spontaneous encouraging pics we came across walking around Athens.

The posts are mainly in Greek and English but we are making sure we include posts in French and the most informative ones in Arabic and Farsi.

Although we understand this is not an innovation in itself we are proud of being able to keep up our work in a more digitalized way.

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Written by SCI Hellas

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